Updated AutoConfirm form; New ‘Activity Summary 3’ report

Two new items are being highlighted in this blog.  The AutoConfirm form has been updated with new functionality, and there is a new ‘Activity Summary 3’ report we wanted to introduce.

The ‘AutoConfirm’ form is now “smarter”.  This form is often used to send get commitment from the receiving broker when you have an ‘outgoing’ referral.  The form is emailed to the Contact, the Contact clicks the link in the body of the email and answers YES or NO to accepting the referral.  What’s new are 4 fields the Contact may use to enter the Assigned Agent’s First Name, Last Name, Phone and Email.  Upon submitting the form the new fields are inserted into the Responses table and when you ‘process’ the response the assigned agent’s information is inserted into your referral record.

Note that if the Contact enters information into any of the four fields, all the fields must have data in them.  If none of the agent fields have any data in them, the form may be submitted as before.  Also, if the Contact supplies the assigned agent information the data will always replace whatever may already be in the referral record for the assigned agent.  But, in most if not all cases, you won’t have the assigned agent information until the Contact responds.  This new feature means that you won’t need to re-enter the assigned agent information.

The new report ‘Activity Summary 3’ is now available.  This report provides counts of the total records within categories on a single page.  Categories include total Buyers and Sellers for Incoming and Outgoing as well as Pending and those that went ‘Dead’ within the date range.  It is a great way to get a snapshot of your total business for the week, month, year or any date range you select.

To get the totals in most cases the Date Received/Sent field is used.  For the Pending records the Status = ‘Pending’ is used regardless of dates.  For Closed records the Actual Close Date field is used.  For Listings the List Date field is used and for the ‘Dead’ records the Dead Date field is used.  Click here to see a sample of this report.

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