Popular Webinar: New AP Button and Synchronized Records

We had such a great response to the first webinar we did last week, we’re going to repeat it for those who missed out.  Please join us next Tuesday, September 8th!  The webinar will cover two very important topics; the new AP button and the synchronizing of records between ReloSpec databases.

Action Plans have been proven to save tons of time when managing records in your Client List.  Recently the AP button was added to the grid and the Action Plans feature has been enhanced.  The webinar will help you understand how to setup and use this time-saving feature.

There has been much discussion lately on synchronizing records between ReloSpec users.  People avoid re-entering data and they receive updates automatically from broker to broker referrals.  During the webinar we’ll discuss this new feature and how to make it work for you.

The webinar is next Tuesday at 10:00AM Central.  Click here to register for the webinar.

New: Referral Submit Form for INCOMING

The Referral Submit Form has been a great way for agents and others to submit leads directly to ReloSpec for Outgoing referrals.  Once the person completing the form clicks SUBMIT, a new record is inserted into the ReloSpec Import table and the Relocation Director receives an email letting them know the lead is there.  (To receive the email notice, add a new user in your Settings, Users table name “Referral Submit Form” and add  your email address in the Email field.  You may have multiple email addresses if you separate them with a semicolon.)

Many ReloSpec users include a link in their email signature that says something like “I Love Referrals” or “Send Me Your Referrals” and when someone clicks the link the Referral Submit Form opens.  The person completes the online form and clicks SUBMIT.  And others have included a link on their website so that when an agent clicks the link the form opens.

Now, there is a slightly different version of the Referral Submit Form for Incoming referrals.  The name of the form is ‘Referral Submit Form-Incoming’.  The primary differences with this new page are the  choices in the droplist for Referral Type, which is limited to “Incoming Buyer”, “Incoming Listing” or “Registered Customer”, as well as some field label changes.

If you need any help with creating a link to either of the Referral Submit forms or putting a link in your Email Signature or on your website, contact Sue Farley (Sue@prosws.com).


Want to Transfer Records from ReloSpec to Lone Wolf?

For those using (or planning to use) Lone Wolf, we want to hear from you.  We are considering a way to transfer records from ReloSpec to the Lone Wolf software and want to know how many ReloSpec customers are interested.

Our plan is to build an automatic link or API (Application Program Interface) between ReloSpec and Lone Wolf.  Once you enter the information in ReloSpec, it would automatically update the Lone Wolf software.

Would you be willing to pay between $100 and $200 for such an option?  If there is enough interest we’ll build the API and charge a pre-payment of $100 per ReloSpec database.  ReloSpec users who wait until after the API is completed will probably pay the $200 price.

If interested, please email Jim at jevans@prosws.com BEFORE Friday, October 18, 2013, and let us know the following:

  1. Are you interested in using the proposed API link between ReloSpec and the Lone Wolf software?
  2. Would you be willing to make a pre-payment of $100 prior to the API product release?
  3. Would you be likely to pay the $200 once the API is made available?

Your responses in the next week will help determine if we proceed with this proposed project.  Please let us know either way.

Thank you!

Aren’t You Tired Of Re-Entering Data?

Do you really have time to re-enter records from other databases like Cartus Broker Center, LeadingRE Xchange, Trulia, Zillo and other sources?  Why not take advantage of the great time-saving options that ReloSpec has to offer?


For Cartus Brokers

Use the Copy/Paste feature to instantly insert records from Broker Center into ReloSpec.  Just select the record in Broker Center, click a couple buttons and the record is instantly in your Referrals table.  Select your agent, then you can use your Action Plan(s) and with one click instantly make all the assignments, send emails and schedule updates.  This will save you TONS of time!  Ask about a 30-day FREE trial.


For Leading RE Brokers

Use the Application Program Interface (API) to have all Xchange records inserted automatically into your ReloSpec database.  Or, when entering an Outgoing record in ReloSpec, click the checkbox and have the record instantly added to Xchange.  PLUS, the bonus is that all agent updates in ReloSpec are automatically send to the Notes in Xchange!  Why aren’t you using this yet?


For Records From Your Website, Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com and Other Sources

Why not have all those leads go automatically into your ReloSpec Import table?  You can scrub them there, move the ones you want to the Referrals table and work them from there.   Need help processing and managing all those leads?

Let us know how we can help you we can help you save more time!  Contact us today:   info@prosws.com


‘LIVE’ Training Seminars in Las Vegas and Phoenix

Two ‘Live’ Training Seminars have been announced for late February; one in Las Vegas and one in Phoenix.  Here is your chance to meet in person with members of the ReloSpec Team and learn how to do all those cool things you keep hearing about.

And, for those of you who cannot attend in person, the Phoenix Training Seminar sessions will be available over the Internet!  You can attend the morning session (9:00-11:00 Mountain time) or the afternoon session (1:00-3:00 Mountain time) or both!  (Register for either, or both sessions below.)

Cost to attend either ‘Live’ event in person is $195 and includes a catered lunch, if paid by 31 JAN 2013.  NOTE: If the registration fee is paid after 31 JAN 2013, the cost is $245.  Within 1 business day of registration you’ll receive an invoice via email.

Cost to attend the Phoenix Seminar via the Internet is just $39 for each Morning and Afternoon session, or $69 for both.

Las Vegas Training Seminar (in person)
WHEN:         Monday, February 25th, 2013 from 9:00AM-4:00PM
COST:           $195/person; includes a catered lunch  (After 31 JAN 2013 cost is $245)
REGISTER:  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/720623946

Phoenix Training Seminar (in person)
WHEN:         Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 from 9:00AM-4:00PM
COST:             $195/person; includes a catered lunch  (After 31 JAN 2013 cost is $245)
REGISTER:  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/502914698

Phoenix Training Seminar; Morning session via Internet
WHEN:         Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 from 9:00AM-11:00AM (Mountain time)
COST:            $39/person   (After 31 JAN 2013 cost is $49/person)
REGISTER:   https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/280688002

Phoenix Training Seminar; Afternoon session via Internet
WHEN:          Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 from 1:00PM-3:00PM (Mountain time)
COST:            $39/person   (After 31 JAN 2013 cost is $49/person)
REGISTER:   https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/763367178

Click here to view the Proposed Agenda for the ‘Live’ Seminars

We look forward to seeing you at either Seminar; in person or via the Internet!

Are you using the Referral Submit Form…in Spanish???

Last week we announced that the Referral Submit Form is now available to all Relocation Specialist users.  Do you know how important this is to you?  You now have the ability to add a link to your website that agents and contacts can use to submit leads/referrals to you!  For FREE!!!

You can also add a link to your email signature that allows email recipients to click the link, fill out the form and SUBMIT.  Bingo!  The lead/referral is instantly in your Import table!

Not only is this a great way to receive leads, but the page is smart enough to automatically adjust for use with smart phones.  So anyone and everyone can easily submit leads to you.

Today we announce another improvement for the Referral Submit Form.  It’s available in Spanish!  Open the same form you’ve been using and you’ll notice at the top-left of the page there is a droplist labeled “Language”.  The default is English, but you can select Español and the page is instantly changed to the Spanish language equivalent.

¡Esperamos que usted disfrute de la forma actualizada!

Referral Submit Form is now FREE!!!

For years the Referral Submit Form has been providing many Relocation Specialist customers an easy, efficient way for agents and contacts to submit referrals.  Today we are announcing that this $300 option is now FREE!

The Referral Submit Form is an online form that may be accessed easily from many sources.  For example, many people add a link somewhere on their website for agents to click.  When clicked the form opens on the Internet, the agent fills it out, clicks SUBMIT and the record is instantly inserted into their database’s Import table.

Others add a link to their email signature so that when others want to provide a referral they just click the link, fill out the form and SUBMIT.  Or, within Relocation Specialist you can email the form that contains the link.  The agent opens the email, clicks the link, completes the form and SUBMITs.

It’s fast, simple and a great way to generate more referrals!

The link you’ll add is: http://rs.prosws.com/RELOSPEC/SQL/ReferralSubmit.asp?Company=DATABASENAME where “DATABASENAME” is the name of your Relocation Specialist database ID.  (It is found on the Referrals List page under the heading “Referrals List”.)  Each link will have two parts; the part that opens the page which is shown above, and the part the agent sees which could be whatever you want such as “Click here to provide a Referral”.

If you want to try it, click the FORMS link on the Referrals List page, browse to ‘Referral Submit Form’, click the link on the form, fill out the Internet page that opens and click SUBMIT.  Close the forms, return to the Referrals List page, click the IMPORT link on the left side or the IMPORT TABLE link in the ‘At A Glance…’ box in the upper-left of the page.  The Import page opens and displays the record.  Click the ‘CLICK HERE’ link in the top box under the grid to move the record from the Import table to the Referrals table.



You Made a GREAT Choice!!!

You made a great choice!

Choosing Relocation Specialist has been a great choice in the past, and now it is even better! Here’s a short list of some of the fabulous recent improvements:

-Our new Advanced reports now provide the same Agent Report Cards, Days on Market, Agent Conversion and other reports as our competitors, plus next month (as an option) you’ll have the ability to create and store your own custom reports! WOW!

-For our Cartus customers we have the updated USAA/HES forms built-in to our software which makes being compliant with Cartus much easier for your relocation staff and especially for your agents.

-Also for Cartus customers can now import records from Broker Center! With 4 clicks from your mouse the Broker Center is instantly inserted into your Referrals table. No more re-entering! Ask us about this optional software.

-For our LeadingRE customers we have the “API” which allows you to synchronize your ‘Spec’ records with Xchange. No more re-entering!

-Our improved Action Plans allow you to generate pre-recorded tasks for a wide variety of referral types and our AutoPilot performs those tasks automatically.

-All the features and more are available today, and at a MUCH LOWER COST than what you’ll spend with any of our competitors, and in these tough economic times every penny counts.

We have a Relocation Team who is responsive to your needs and requests! All of our best features have come from your feedback, and we appreciate having such fabulous customers to work with! Our employees stay connected 24/7, and our Help Desk never closes.

Any time you need us to remind you why we are the BEST…just ask, it will be our pleasure!

Thank you for your loyalty and for making Relocation Specialist an incredible place to work!

The Relocation Specialist Team!

No more Duplicate Records!

Our database just got SMARTER (thanks to Jim for some great programming)!

We know Duplicate Records drive you crazy!  Us too!

The Import page has been updated in two very important ways.  First, the page now checks for possible duplicate records between the Import table and the Referrals table by comparing the following fields: Client Email, Client Name (first and last combined), Home Phone, Work Phone and Cell Phone.

Also, there is now a link labeled ‘Yes-See Why’ which will open a page that displays the Referrals table record you can use for comparison and see what field(s) are causing the possible duplicate record. 

These changes should make it easier to identify possible duplicates and know the reason why prior to moving the record(s) to the Referrals table.

*Remember when adding a new record (not importing) on the Referrals List page, ReloSpec checks for the Client First Name and Client Last Name of the new record compared with all existing records and reports if there is a duplicate.  It will still ADD the record just entered.  It’s just that ReloSpec will let you know if there is another record or records that match.