New: Referral Submit Form for INCOMING

The Referral Submit Form has been a great way for agents and others to submit leads directly to ReloSpec for Outgoing referrals.  Once the person completing the form clicks SUBMIT, a new record is inserted into the ReloSpec Import table and the Relocation Director receives an email letting them know the lead is there.  (To receive the email notice, add a new user in your Settings, Users table name “Referral Submit Form” and add  your email address in the Email field.  You may have multiple email addresses if you separate them with a semicolon.)

Many ReloSpec users include a link in their email signature that says something like “I Love Referrals” or “Send Me Your Referrals” and when someone clicks the link the Referral Submit Form opens.  The person completes the online form and clicks SUBMIT.  And others have included a link on their website so that when an agent clicks the link the form opens.

Now, there is a slightly different version of the Referral Submit Form for Incoming referrals.  The name of the form is ‘Referral Submit Form-Incoming’.  The primary differences with this new page are the  choices in the droplist for Referral Type, which is limited to “Incoming Buyer”, “Incoming Listing” or “Registered Customer”, as well as some field label changes.

If you need any help with creating a link to either of the Referral Submit forms or putting a link in your Email Signature or on your website, contact Sue Farley (


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