Friday Update: Color Codes, Ref Submit, Action Plans & AP button

Welcome to another Friday update, where we highlight a few of the recent upgrades to ReloSpec.

First, a quick fix for the Color Codes on the Tickler page.  Some time ago we expanded the number of available Color Codes for the Client List page, but somehow neglected to make the same expansion to the Tickler page.  That has been fixed.  Now whatever colors are selected (if any) in the Client List page will be reflected on the Tickler page.

Second, an enhancement to the Referral Submit page.  When a new referral is submitted the default for the Referral Status is “Active”.  That’s just one less step to do when processing new referrals.

Third: Action Plans.  Much work has been done with Action Plans lately.  Here is the description we used in a blog last March:

[Action Plans] assign pre-recorded tasks quickly to your referral, and free up hours of your time. For example, let’s say each time you add a new ‘In-Buy’ there are certain tasks you commonly do such as send the AutoAssign form to the agent and schedule your update requests. As soon as ReloSpec sees you have added the new ‘In-Buy’ record it will prompt you to ask if you want to add the tasks from the Action Plan. Click YES and it’s done automatically.

We also introduced the ‘Add Sample Action Plans’ button to the Settings page which allows you to quickly add whatever standard Action Plans you may be missing in your database.  Today we’re announcing two additional items that are part of the standard Action Plans.  They are ‘In-Buy / Active’ and ‘In-List / Active’.  Clicking the ‘Add Sample Action Plans’ will add these two new ones to your Action Plans table making them available for use under those specific situations (ie. Type = “In-Buy” and Status = “Active”).  Clicking the button will not duplicate what is already there.  When you click the button ReloSpec checks to see if you already have the Action Plan and if you do it skips to the next one.  If you don’t it will add it.  Action to take: From the Main Menu, click Settings, click ‘Add Sample Action Plans’

Last (for today) is the new AP button that appears on the Client List page in the ‘Quick’ column.  We have had the ‘Quick Notes’ button there for a long time which allows you to quickly add a formatted note for the selected referral.  Now below the ‘N’ there is another button with “AP” on it, which stands for Action Plan.  When you click the button, ReloSpec will look at the Referral Type and Status for the selected record and display the corresponding Action Plan for the record.  For example, if you have a record where the Type = “In-Buy” and the Status = “Active” then that Action Plan is displayed.  Just click the ‘Click here to COPY…’ button and the Action Plan Items are added to the record.

The new AP button is a great way to add quickly the Action Plan Items from Action Plans matching the Type and Status for your record.

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