NEW! ‘View Details’ in the AutoPilot page

The AutoPilot page is one of the greatest time-saving features of the Relocation Specialist database.  It is used to send the emails that are due to be sent as of the current (or future) date as selected by the user.  It is a great way to send those update requests to agents and contacts.

Now there is a new button associated with all records in the AutoPilot page called ‘View Details’.  Let’s say you’re reviewing the AutoPilot page but need to see the Notes or ToDo record or general information for one of the records in the grid.  Now, just click the ‘View Details’ button and you’ll instantly see the details.  After clicking ‘View Details’ the button changes to “Go Back”.  Clicking the button will quickly return you to the “normal” AutoPilot page.

If you want to see the 5-minute Training Video for this new feature click here.  We hope you’ll find the ‘View Details’ button helpful!

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