Aren’t You Tired Of Re-Entering Data?

Do you really have time to re-enter records from other databases like Cartus Broker Center, LeadingRE Xchange, Trulia, Zillo and other sources?  Why not take advantage of the great time-saving options that ReloSpec has to offer?


For Cartus Brokers

Use the Copy/Paste feature to instantly insert records from Broker Center into ReloSpec.  Just select the record in Broker Center, click a couple buttons and the record is instantly in your Referrals table.  Select your agent, then you can use your Action Plan(s) and with one click instantly make all the assignments, send emails and schedule updates.  This will save you TONS of time!  Ask about a 30-day FREE trial.


For Leading RE Brokers

Use the Application Program Interface (API) to have all Xchange records inserted automatically into your ReloSpec database.  Or, when entering an Outgoing record in ReloSpec, click the checkbox and have the record instantly added to Xchange.  PLUS, the bonus is that all agent updates in ReloSpec are automatically send to the Notes in Xchange!  Why aren’t you using this yet?


For Records From Your Website, Trulia, Zillow, and Other Sources

Why not have all those leads go automatically into your ReloSpec Import table?  You can scrub them there, move the ones you want to the Referrals table and work them from there.   Need help processing and managing all those leads?

Let us know how we can help you we can help you save more time!  Contact us today:


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