Upgrades in the Works: Part 2

The design work continues with the ReloSpec software and our emphasis on the Client List page.

Today we’re addressing the ‘Quick Reference‘ section of the Client List page.      We want your input!  What are your thoughts regarding the items listed under ‘Quick Reference‘?  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.  Click here to take our QUICK REFERENCE section survey.

Last week we asked you about the ‘At-A-Glance’ section and your responses were fantastic!  More than 40 of you completed the brief survey and we learned a lot about what’s important to you.   Those of you that sent a response we are going to send you an additional message with more detailed questions about the sections of AT A GLANCE that you utilize.   We are not wanting to remove functionality, but we do want to reorganize the layout to include a top menu bar like you see on the Main Menu page.

Thank you for all your help!

3 Helpful Hints

Here are three things that you may not know that will make it easier to login, better looking and help people respond to you!  (And who wouldn’t want to be better looking and noticed more?!)


Easier to login

By now, everyone should know the easiest way to login to ReloSpec is to go to MyReloSpec.com.  But, did you know you can add your ID and Password to the link?  With 1-click you can open ReloSpec AND be logged in!  To create a shortcut on your PC’s desktop, login to ReloSpec then right-click and click on ‘Create Shortcut’.  You’ll be asked if you want to create the shortcut to the ReloSpec page.  Click YES and the shortcut will be created.

Right-click the shortcut and at the end of what’s in the URL add:

?userid=DEMO&password=DEMOPASSWORD then click OK.  The URL will now read: https://www.relospeccloud.com/RELOSPEC/SQL/MAINMENU.ASP?userid=DEMO&password=DEMOPASSWORD

NOTE:  Replace “DEMO” with your actual ID and replace “DEMOPASSWORD” with your actual Password.  Now when you click the shortcut it will open ReloSpec and log you in automatically.

If you’re manually entering the shortcut, here’s a shorter way to do it.  Save the URL as MyReloSpec.com?userid=DEMO&password=DEMOPASSWORD   That works too!


Change your THEME

Are you tired of looking at the same old background colors and icons?  Why not change things up?  Those items are known as the ‘Color Theme’ and may be changed at any time by you.  From the Main Menu page click SETTINGS, USERS, click the pencil for your name and from the Color Theme droplist select the theme you want to use.  To view samples of the themes click the ‘View Choices’ button below the label.  Hint: the standard Color Theme for ReloSpec is “Ultra”.


Change/Update your Email Signature

Many of the ReloSpec FORMS use what is known as the Email Signature at the bottom of the outgoing email.  If you don’t have your Email Signature created or if it hasn’t been updated lately, you should check on it.  From the Main Menu, click SETTINGS, USERS and look in the Email Signature field about halfway down the right column.  Make changes as needed, or if it is blank, use the ‘Auto-Create’ button to have ReloSpec create the Email Signature for you, then click UPDATE CURRENT RECORD.

Enabling Agent Access

For a long time we have had the ability to allow agents to login and have access to limited features.  The agent can login, then:

  • Have Read-Only access to records assigned to the agent
  • Send updates right away (without waiting for an emailed update request)
  • Send quick emails to the clients that are automatically saved in the Notes
  • Create new referral records that use the Referral Submit Form and are added to your Import table
  • Access the ‘Scorecard’ report for that agent

Now, allowing the agent to access ReloSpec is simple and fast!  A new field ‘Enable Login’ has been added to the Agents table.  Simply select the agent, click the pencil to edit the record and set ‘Enable Login’ to TRUE.  That’s it!  When you do that, ReloSpec will:

  • Create an ID/Password for the agent (the ID will be the agent’s email address)
  • Add the agent to your Users table in SETTINGS
  • Send an email to the agent with a link to ReloSpec and the ID/Password displayed

If you change your mind and do not want the agent to access ReloSpec, just select the agent in the Agents table, click the pencil to edit the record and set ‘Enable Login?’ to FALSE.  ReloSpec will delete the entry from the ReloSpec Login table (not from your Users table) and the agent will no longer be able to login.

For more information, click the Training Videos link on the Main Menu page and click on the ‘Enabling Agent Access’ link in the Mobile Access section.


Guest Database Now Available

Sending broker-to-broker referrals?  You already know about the SEND button and how you can send b-2-b referrals to other ReloSpec users.  By using the SEND button you put a copy of your referral in the other database.  When the agent is assigned or the Status changes or a number of other settings change your record will be updated automatically!

But, what if the other broker doesn’t use ReloSpec?  Now you can send it to them too!  By using the SEND button ReloSpec will look to see if you have already identified the other broker’s ReloSpec database name.  If not, it will assume you’ll send it to the GUEST database.  The name “GUEST” will appear in the SEND page.  Just click ‘Send’ and a copy of the record is in the other broker’s Guest database.

The other broker will automatically receive an email notifying them the record has been sent along with a link to http://www.MyReloSpec.com and the ID and Password they’ll use to access their record(s).  If other ReloSpec users send referrals to the same broker that broker will still only have one ID/Password to use to view ALL the records.

Why use the GUEST database?

  • It provides instant Read-Only access to the client details
  • The broker can read the (Public) Notes for the client
  • The broker can use the ‘Send Update’ button to keep you up-to-date.  (Goes to your Responses page!)
  • There is nothing for you to setup for the other broker!  It’s all automatic.
  • There is no cost for you or the other broker to use it!
  • Referrals may be sent anywhere in the world.  Soon, all pages associated with the GUEST database will be available in over 90 languages using the Google Translate(TM) function

If you want to extend some of the great ReloSpec features to other brokers around the world this is a great way to do it!  Watch for additional GUEST database features coming soon.

There is a new Training Video available for using the GUEST database.  Click here to view it.

ReloSpec Theme ‘Ultra’ and New Icons

There are now ten (10!) different Relocation Specialist color ‘Themes’ to choose from.  And the latest has something very special.

The new Theme is named “Ultra” and it contains the new icons being introduced this week.  Rather than the older-looking buttons with just the words on them, Ultra includes color graphics, words and ToolTips that appear when you mouse-over the icon.

To select Ultra, or any other Theme, do the following.  From the Main Menu page, click ‘Settings’, ‘Users’, browse to the user name, click the pencil to edit and in the right column select the Theme from the droplist.  There is a button there to ‘View Samples’ where you may see the various Theme colors.

Ultra is now the default Theme for all new ReloSpec customers, and the new icons will be extended to all themes except ‘Classic’.

New ‘Find Dups’ button in Referrals List page

The ‘Find Dups’ (Find Duplicate records) button has been added to the navigation buttons on the Referrals List page. This new button is used to find possible duplicate records to the selected record in the grid.  Here’s how to use it:

  1. Select a record in the Referrals List grid
  2. Click the ‘Find Dups’ button.  A new page opens and displays the possible duplicate records.  The results grid includes the ReferralsID number which may be used to quickly locate that record in the Referrals List page.

This feature compares 3 different groupings of fields.  First it combines the Client First and Last Names, and compares that to all records.  Second it looks for duplicate phone numbers in any combination of the Home, Work and Cell Phone numbers.  Last, it looks for any duplication of the Email Address.  If any of those 3 categories has a match it will be listed in the results page.

To watch a 3-minute video about this button, click here.

Change in Referral Generates Note

From time to time we are asked if there is a way for ReloSpec to document when a certain change was made in the referral record and who made the change.  Now the answer is ‘Yes’.

Whenever a change is made in the Referral Type, Status, Agent or Firm then ReloSpec will automatically add a note that includes who made the change, the date/time it was made, what the previous value was and the new value.  Automatic changes made in the Closing page will also be documented.

Now when you want to know, for example, when a record was changed for one agent to another, or from one Status to a new one you’ll be able to find it in the Notes.

Contract Date field added to AutoUpdate form

One of the most popular ReloSpec forms is the ‘AutoUpdate’ form which is emailed to the agent.  The agent opens the email, clicks the link, fills out the form and clicks SUBMIT.  The form results come right back into the database.

At the bottom of the form are additional fields that allow the agent to submit the Transaction Address, Est Close Date, Est Sale Price, Sale Price and Actual Close Date.  Those form fields automatically update the corresponding fields in the database record.

Now the Contract Date has been added to both the AutoUpdate and the AutoUpdate2 forms.  Upon submitting the form, the corresponding field in the Closing page will now also be updated.

New Web Seminars Scheduled

Want to save time by learning some cool ReloSpec features?  Is it time to ‘stop chopping and sharpen that ax?’

The latest schedule for FREE Web Seminars is now available.  Invest 30 minutes and save hours with ReloSpec.  The Web Seminars Schedule is available by clicking the link on the Main Menu page, or just click here to register for the class(es) of your choice!

June & July Web Seminars Are Available

Invest just 30 minutes now, then save tons of time later!  The ReloSpec Web Seminars are a great way to learn about great features in a short amount of time.  And, the updated schedule includes a couple new Seminars.

The Thursday, June 6th Seminar is about the new Agent Access feature announced last week.  Learn how to create IDs/Passwords for your Agents to provide them with Read-Only access to records you assign to them.  Allow them to provide updates, read “Public” Notes and submit new outgoing referrals!  The Seminar and the new feature is FREE!

The Tuesday, June 11th Seminar is about the new ‘Scheduled Reports’ feature.  (Announcement to be blogged here tomorrow!)  Learn how to schedule which reports you want sent to whom and when, then let AutoPilot do the work for you!  Again, the Seminar and the new feature is FREE!

Check out all the Web Seminars by clicking here and register for as many as you like.