Contract Date field added to AutoUpdate form

One of the most popular ReloSpec forms is the ‘AutoUpdate’ form which is emailed to the agent.  The agent opens the email, clicks the link, fills out the form and clicks SUBMIT.  The form results come right back into the database.

At the bottom of the form are additional fields that allow the agent to submit the Transaction Address, Est Close Date, Est Sale Price, Sale Price and Actual Close Date.  Those form fields automatically update the corresponding fields in the database record.

Now the Contract Date has been added to both the AutoUpdate and the AutoUpdate2 forms.  Upon submitting the form, the corresponding field in the Closing page will now also be updated.

New Web Seminars Scheduled

Want to save time by learning some cool ReloSpec features?  Is it time to ‘stop chopping and sharpen that ax?’

The latest schedule for FREE Web Seminars is now available.  Invest 30 minutes and save hours with ReloSpec.  The Web Seminars Schedule is available by clicking the link on the Main Menu page, or just click here to register for the class(es) of your choice!

June & July Web Seminars Are Available

Invest just 30 minutes now, then save tons of time later!  The ReloSpec Web Seminars are a great way to learn about great features in a short amount of time.  And, the updated schedule includes a couple new Seminars.

The Thursday, June 6th Seminar is about the new Agent Access feature announced last week.  Learn how to create IDs/Passwords for your Agents to provide them with Read-Only access to records you assign to them.  Allow them to provide updates, read “Public” Notes and submit new outgoing referrals!  The Seminar and the new feature is FREE!

The Tuesday, June 11th Seminar is about the new ‘Scheduled Reports’ feature.  (Announcement to be blogged here tomorrow!)  Learn how to schedule which reports you want sent to whom and when, then let AutoPilot do the work for you!  Again, the Seminar and the new feature is FREE!

Check out all the Web Seminars by clicking here and register for as many as you like.

2 Days to Get Lower Price on Training Seminars

There are just two days left (today and tomorrow) to get the lower price for the ReloSpec All-Day Training Seminars in Las Vegas and Phoenix.  These seminars will be helpful for ReloSpec beginners and advanced users alike.  Come and learn time-saving features from the experts and other ReloSpec users.

Click this link to view the proposed Agenda

Las Vegas Training Seminar (in person)
WHEN:        Monday, February 25th, 9:00AM-4:00PM
COST:          $195/person; includes a catered lunch  (After 1 FEB 2013 cost is $245)

Phoenix Training Seminar (in person)
WHEN:        Tuesday, February 26th, 9:00AM-4:00PM
COST:          $195/person; includes a catered lunch  (After 1 FEB 2013 cost is $245)

Phoenix Training Seminar; Morning Session via Internet
WHEN:    Tuesday, February 26th 9:00AM-11:00PM (Mountain Time)
COST:            $39/person   (After 1 FEB 2013 cost is $49/person)

Phoenix Training Seminar; Afternoon session via Internet
WHEN:          Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 from 1:00PM-3:00PM (Mountain time)
COST:            $39/person   (After 1 FEB 2013 cost is $49/person)


We hope to see you soon!

‘LIVE’ Training Seminars in Las Vegas and Phoenix

Two ‘Live’ Training Seminars have been announced for late February; one in Las Vegas and one in Phoenix.  Here is your chance to meet in person with members of the ReloSpec Team and learn how to do all those cool things you keep hearing about.

And, for those of you who cannot attend in person, the Phoenix Training Seminar sessions will be available over the Internet!  You can attend the morning session (9:00-11:00 Mountain time) or the afternoon session (1:00-3:00 Mountain time) or both!  (Register for either, or both sessions below.)

Cost to attend either ‘Live’ event in person is $195 and includes a catered lunch, if paid by 31 JAN 2013.  NOTE: If the registration fee is paid after 31 JAN 2013, the cost is $245.  Within 1 business day of registration you’ll receive an invoice via email.

Cost to attend the Phoenix Seminar via the Internet is just $39 for each Morning and Afternoon session, or $69 for both.

Las Vegas Training Seminar (in person)
WHEN:         Monday, February 25th, 2013 from 9:00AM-4:00PM
COST:           $195/person; includes a catered lunch  (After 31 JAN 2013 cost is $245)

Phoenix Training Seminar (in person)
WHEN:         Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 from 9:00AM-4:00PM
COST:             $195/person; includes a catered lunch  (After 31 JAN 2013 cost is $245)

Phoenix Training Seminar; Morning session via Internet
WHEN:         Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 from 9:00AM-11:00AM (Mountain time)
COST:            $39/person   (After 31 JAN 2013 cost is $49/person)

Phoenix Training Seminar; Afternoon session via Internet
WHEN:          Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 from 1:00PM-3:00PM (Mountain time)
COST:            $39/person   (After 31 JAN 2013 cost is $49/person)

Click here to view the Proposed Agenda for the ‘Live’ Seminars

We look forward to seeing you at either Seminar; in person or via the Internet!

Are You Using the Custom Email Signature Yet?

A few months ago we greatly enhanced your ability to customize each user’s profile, including the ability to create your own Email Signature.  We have converted all Letters that are available in the FORMS page so that they use the Email Signature from the User’s table.

Many have updated their user settings to include images, links to their email address and links to their company web address.  Some have even added a link in the signature to open the Referral Submit Form to allow addressees the ability to submit referrals directly to their database!  Cool!

But many have not yet updated their Email Signature.  Why not?  It is easy to do, doesn’t take much time and you can choose between four different templates to help you get started.  Imagine all emailed letters from your ReloSpec database having a signature that looks like this:

The Relocation Team

Barb, Kathryn and Tim
Outbound Referrals and Pre-Marketing Managers

(402) 426-9542 – Direct
(402) 426-2169 – Fax
Click here to Submit a Referral!

To get started, from the Main Menu page, click ‘Utility Settings’, ‘Users’, select the name and click the pencil to make changes. While you’re there you can change Passwords, choose between nine (9!) different Themes (color combinations) and make other selections to customize your ReloSpec experience.

Let us know if you need help with any of the Users table settings or any ReloSpec issue. We’re here to help you!

New FORM Letter for Outgoing Referrals

A new FORM named ‘Outgoing Letter to Assigned Agent’ has been added to the list of FORMS.  This is a form that may be sent to the Assigned Agent for an Outgoing referral.  It includes the Client Name, contact information for the Referring and Assigned Agents, and when the form is sent manually it automatically inserts the email addresses for the Referring and Assigned agents.

NOTE: This new form includes the new Email Signature that is set up in the Users table, so if you haven’t already done so be sure to update that field prior to using this form.  From the Main Menu, click Utility Settings, Users, select your name, click the pencil and update the Email Signature field.  There are sample entries to review.  If you need any help with setting up your Email Signature, please let us know by submitting a Help Desk request.