Adding and Removing Users

Adding a New User:

In order to add a new user you must have an open license.  If you are deleting/removing a user you now have an open license.  The other option is to purchase a new license by contacting

  1. To ADD your new user simply go to the Utility Settings/Users/Red Add New Button
  2. Once you have ADDED the new user please scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure there is no “Yellow Error Box” telling you that username is already in use
  3. We will receive the notification that you have added a New User at which time we can enable this User’s access

Removing a User:

  1. Anytime an employee departs you must notify us.
  2. By Deleting the User’s information you are NOT disabling their access.  We must turn off their access on our end!!!
  3. If you want to simply change their password you do not need to contact us.  Please go to Utility Settings/Users/Red Update Button and enter a new password.
  4. Once you have transferred files from the past User you can delete that User’s profile.

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