Attention Cartus Customers

We have BIG BIG News for our Cartus Customers!!!

Import leads from Broker Center!

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.
1. COPY the record in Broker Center,
2. PASTE it to a web page we provide and
3. POST it directly to your Relocation Specialist Referrals table.
In seconds you can accurately insert records from Broker Center to ReloSpec.

The Details:

The ‘Broker Center’ source is one of over 30 sources available with our ‘Internet Leads’ option. You can import records from,, and many other sources including Broker Center.

The Internet Leads option replaces the eGrabber software. Support for the eGrabber software is being discontinued. There is an upgrade path for those using eGrabber today.


There is a one-time Setup fee of $395, and a monthly fee of $69 (or $690/year). With that you get your choice of two (2) sources such as Broker Center and, or whatever you want. The complete list of available sources is on our website at Additional sources may be added as needed.

If you have been using eGrabber and have paid the $80 Maintenance within the last 12 months, let us know. All of what you have paid (up to $80) within the last 12 months will be applied to the setup fee.

Getting Started:

Let us know you’d like to get started. We’ll email a copy of the invoice to you. Once the invoice is paid we’ll provide the details you need. You may use check or AmEx/Visa/MC/Discover.

The Relocation Specialist Team

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