We’re Just Getting Started (again!)

As was announced last week, Constellation Web Solutions (CWS) has purchased Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec).  We are all very excited to be a part of the CWS family of real estate-related products and look forward to improvements and new features coming soon to ReloSpec.

As we are just now getting started, here are a few of the things we’re working on:

  • Email to Responses;  this new feature will automatically insert email replies to the ReloSpec Responses table.  Emails sent from ReloSpec will include the database name and referral ID.  When the recipient clicks REPLY and sends the email, it will be forwarded to a ReloSpec server that will extract the email content and insert it into the Responses page.  That way, the user avoids copying/pasting the email content into the referral record.
  • ReloSpec Facelift; Don’t we all want to get things done faster, be easier-to-use and look better?  Watch for a more updated ‘look’ with easier to use features.  We think you’ll appreciate the modern look and love the time-saving features.
  • ReloSpec 1-click with Express pages;  Okay, this one isn’t new, but if you’re not using the ‘Express’ forms on the Main Menu page you should be.  Why?  Because all you do is open the page, fill-in the fields and SUBMIT.  The Action Plan and AutoPilots are automatically run for you and if it’s an ‘Outgoing’ record and the receiving broker has ReloSpec it sends a copy of the record to their Import table!  Quick and easy!
  • FORMS and REPORTS rehab;  We all know there are too many forms and too many reports.  We are in the process of identifying the most-used ones so we can consolidate what we have while providing what you need.
  • Agent Access;  Did you know you can assign an ID/Password to your agents and they can then login, view only their own records in Read-Only mode?  They can send updates on specific referrals, submit new ones and even update their own profile information like phone and email address.  You may assign as many as you like and you may remove access to agent(s) as needed.


What about you?  What specific items/features would you like in ReloSpec?  We want to hear your ideas and suggestions.  We have set up a quick survey with a few of the items often mentioned.  Please take a couple minutes to complete the survey or  you can forward your responses to Jim (jevans@prosws.com) or Sue (sue@prosws.com).


ReloSpec is going to the Cloud

We’re happy to announce that the Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) software will soon be running in ‘the cloud’.  In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet.  “But”, you might say, “ReloSpec has been on the Internet for years.  What’s different?”  The answer is ‘a lot’!

ReloSpec will be faster, more reliable and more secure in the cloud.

  • Rather than one server that all users login to there are multiple servers sharing the load
  • A newer, upgraded version of SQL database software is being used to store your data
  • Improved firewall hardware and software, and virus protection
  • As our needs grow, upgrades in memory and disk space will be easier and faster

The cutover date is scheduled for Friday, April 21st beginning at 11:00PM Central time.  During the cutover, ReloSpec will not be available for you to login.  This is so we can transfer all the databases from the old server to the new one.  It is estimated the transfer will take a few hours.  Provided all goes as planned ReloSpec will be available again early Saturday morning, April 22nd.  A follow-up blog will be sent when you’re able to log back in.

Beginning next week the new Internet address to use to login will be www.ReloSpecCloud.com.  You may still be able to access ReloSpec using the current URL you are using, but we prefer you go directly to the new URL.  You’ll use the same ID/Password you use now.

This move to the cloud is the biggest upgrade to ReloSpec since we converted to the Internet version many years ago.  We hope you enjoy the improvements.

Turn Browser AutoFill OFF

From time to time we hear complaints about users getting to a certain field (like Client State or Zip Code) and all of a sudden ReloSpec seems to stop.  Why would ReloSpec choose that field to stop letting you enter information?

ReloSpec is NOT doing that.  It is  your browser!!!

The ‘AutoFill’ is a browser feature that constantly tries to automatically fill-in a field with information you have typed previously.  The problem is that if you have AutoFill for Forms turned ON, the browser may take a very long time to figure out what to enter for you.

So, turn OFF (or un-check) the AutoFill for Forms.

For Internet Explorer, do the following:

  1. Click the gear for settings in the upper-right
  2. Click ‘Internet Options’
  3. Click the ‘Content’ tab and in the AutoComplete section click ‘Settings’
  4. Un-check the box for FORMS; click OK, click OK

For Google Chrome, do the following:

  1. At the top right, click More More and then Settings
  2. At the bottom, click Show advanced settings
  3. Under “Passwords and forms,” uncheck “Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click.”

For Mozilla Firefox, do the following:

  1. Click the Menu button  New Fx Menu and choose Options.Preferences.
  2. Select the Privacy panel
  3. In the drop-down menu next to Firefox will:, choose Use custom settings for history.
  4. Remove the check mark next to Remember search and form history.
  5. Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you’ve made will automatically be saved.

New Reports Navigation Page in production

Yesterday we introduced the new REPORTS navigation page and the response has been very exciting.

We have finished the first draft of the REPORTS pages and have put them into production.  The reports are now organized into groups such as Agents, Offices, Referrals, Closed, Pending, etc.  Click the group and select from a listing of reports for that group.  Each report link has a brief description which helps you identify the one you want.

What if the report you use isn’t selected for the groups?  Click the ‘VIEW ALL REPORTS’ link on the first page to see all the reports you’re used to seeing.

What if you want to see your ‘Favorite’ reports you selected in the SETTINGS page?  Just click the ‘My Favorite Reports’ link and you’ll see them.

Thank you to all who have submitted suggestions for this project.  But, we’re not quite done yet.  It is likely there are a few reports that should be a part of the new pages.  Let us know what you think and we’ll do our best to help.

The ReloSpec Team

Happy New Year!

We wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!  We look forward helping enjoy the many benefits of the ReloSpec software, and now is a great time for a brief overview.

We have updated our website, which is at www.ReloSoftware.com  So, why would you go to the website if you already use ReloSpec?  Simple.  There is a good chance there are ReloSpec features you don’t know about or aren’t using.  And, using the feature(s) would help you save time and simplify your life!

The home page of the website contains some of most popular features.  Even if you think you’re familiar with all ReloSpec features, click the ‘Learn More’ button to get additional details for each item.  The items included are:

  • Express Forms
  • AutoPilot
  • Action Plans
  • Update ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’
  • Using the Referral Submit Form
  • Customized Letters
  • Create your own team of Agents
  • Monitor Responses
  • The Tickler
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Change your User Profile
  • Agent Access
  • Corporate Access

These pages are not meant to be for training but are brief highlights of popular features.  Please take the time to review each one.  It is likely there are some features that will help you in the coming year.

Let a member of the ReloSpec Team know if you’d like more information or help with any of the features.

Getting the most from your ReloSpec: REPORTS

At some point, after entering all those referral records you’re going to want to produce some reports.  This blog will help you understand your choices with reports.  ReloSpec report categories and features as shown on the REPORTS page are listed below.

  • Most Popular;  When you click the radio button for ‘Most Popular’ in the upper-left of the REPORTS page a listing of the most popular ReloSpec reports will be displayed.  These reports are selected for you by the ReloSpec Team and are always subject to change.
  • My Favorites;  Clicking the ‘My Favorites’ button will display the reports you have designated in the SETTINGS page.  They are unique to your database and may be edited at any time by you.  When you first start with ReloSpec there are certain default reports that are displayed.
  • All Reports;  By clicking the ‘All Reports’ button, all ReloSpec reports will be displayed.
  • Advanced;  Advanced reports allow you to filter using droplists and calendars and produce “pretty” reports that may be downloaded to Excel, or exported to a PDF or MS Word format.
  • Standard; The Standard reports are more simple but sometimes have more flexible filtering.  Results are displayed in rows and columns without grouping (like Advanced reports), and Standard reports may be downloaded to Excel.
  • Miscellaneous; These reports have special uses and are not generally used to produce “regular” reports.

There are a few special features with ReloSpec reports in addition to the categories above.

  • Activity reports start with “Activity…” in the report name and are used to display all activities within a date range.  They typically include Incoming/Outgoing/Other records that came in or went out or were Closed no matter when they came in.
  • Closed reports start with “Closed…” in the report name and display records that were closed within the date range.
  • Scorecard reports start with “Scorecard…” in the report name and display records for a specific Agent or Office.
  • Scheduled reports are certain reports which ReloSpec automatically sends to agents or Office Managers as scheduled in advance.  Upon receiving the email, the agent or manager can click a link in the email and view in Read-Only mode records pertaining ONLY to them.  You select which report you want sent to whom and when.  ReloSpec does the rest!  A ReloSpec Team member can help you arrange for Scheduled Reports.
  • Custom Financial Report is a special report that allows you to select the fields you want, filter the records and sort the results.  It is a great report for quickly finding the data you want.

If you cannot find the report you need or if you want help with the ReloSpec reports, let a Team member know.  We’re here to help you!

‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ and Synchronized Records

Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) has grown in many ways. Today there are more brokers using ReloSpec than ever before with more than 100 added in the last six months! With so many brokers using ReloSpec it is likely that your outgoing broker to broker referral is going to another ReloSpec user.

Today we are announcing a powerful new feature that synchronizes your outbound referral with the corresponding record in the “target” database. The target database is the ReloSpec database to which you are sending your outbound referral. This new feature is a free upgrade for all ReloSpec databases.

How does this work?

Let’s say you have an outgoing referral. When selecting the Contact (the broker to send the referral to) you would use the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’. In the Contact section of the ADD NEW RECORD page click the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ link. Enter the fields that help identify the target broker such as the 2-letter abbreviation for the State and the City in the Cities Served field. Click the APPLY FILTER button to display the brokers meeting your search criteria. Select the broker you want to use and click the button at the top of the page. The target broker’s information is inserted into your record. More importantly the database name of the broker is also entered into the record so that when you click the SEND button the target database name is automatically entered and the two databases are synchronized!

Now, when the target broker updates the Assigned Agent information, your database is automatically updated with all the agent information and you and your Referring Agent get an email with the Assigned Agent information. When the Status is updated you receive an email notification. In addition, whenever any of the following fields are updated in the target database, the corresponding fields in your database are updated: Transaction Address, Estimated Close Date, Estimated Sale Price, Actual Close Date and Sale Price.

What about the Notes?

Soon, any ‘Public’ Notes that are added by the target database will automatically be inserted into your Responses table where you may review them. Whether a Quick Note or regular note you’ll know what’s happening with that referral. Plus, when the Assigned Agent responds to an update request and the other user is processing those responses ReloSpec will automatically insert a copy of the response at the time you process them. This gives you a chance to view and edit the response before it is moved to your Notes table and is inserted into the target Responses page.

Advantages for the SENDING Broker

  1. When used with the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page the other broker’s ReloSpec Database ID is automatically stored in your outgoing record.
  2. When you use the SEND button the target database ID is automatically inserted into the Send page. Just click SEND and a copy of your record is inserted into the other (target) database.
  3. When the target database has selected the Assigned Agent, your database is updated automatically and you and the Referring Agent receive an email with the Agent contact info.
  4. When other fields in the target database are updated, the corresponding fields in your database are updated.
  5. When (Public) notes are added to the Notes table in the target database, the same note is inserted into your Responses page.

Advantages to the RECEIVING (Target) Broker

  1. You receive the Incoming referral to your Import table. (Nothing to re-enter into your database!)
  2. When you assign the Agent to the referral, you automatically update the Assigned Agent fields in the Sender’s record. You don’t have to take a separate step to let them know the details.
  3. When you receive updates from the Assigned Agent in your Responses page, ReloSpec will look to see if the record is synchronized and if it is, then when you ‘process’ the record in your Responses page ReloSpec will send a copy of the comments to the Responses page in the Sender’s database.
  4. Quick Notes and regular Notes that are ‘Public’ will automatically be inserted into the Responses page of the Sender’s database so they can review them when processed will be inserted into their Notes.

What should I do now?

How does all this happen? It begins with you having accurate information in the Brokers Using ReloSpec table. From the Main Menu page click SETTINGS, then click the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ button at the bottom of the first column. If you database does not yet have an entry the ADD NEW page will open and allow you to enter your information. Enter your information in each of the fields. NOTE: The ‘Cities Served’ field is VERY important. That is where you’ll enter all the cities you service. Think in terms of another broker looking for someone who works in the various cities in your area. You want them to find you! So, enter all the cities if they’re not already there. It is best to separate the Cities Served by a semicolon and a space.

You may have as many records in the Brokers Using ReloSpec page as you like. Some people like to group the Cities Served into different records while others put them all into one record. Either way will work.

Very Important!

In order for this to work you must use the SEND button to send your outgoing referral to the other broker using ReloSpec. That is how the two databases get synchronized for that one record. And, using the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ link to find and select the target broker is the easiest way to get the target database name into your record.

So, BE SURE you have updated your ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page in Settings.

Training is available

To register for the 30-minute Web Seminar on using the SEND button next Monday at 2:00PM Central time, click here

To view the Training Video on ‘Editing your Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page click here

To view the Training Video on how to use the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page click here

To view the Training Video on ‘How to Use the SEND Button’ click here

Though not mentioned in this article, to register for the 30-minute Web Seminar on using the new AP (Action Plans) button next Monday at 1:00PM Central time, click here