New ReloSpec version starts Monday

As was announced in the previous blog this week, the new Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) version will be in production on Monday, July 2nd.  This new version is easier to use, a little better looking and the ADD NEW page will save lots of time when entering new referrals.

If you want a quick orientation to the new Client List page a 10-minute video is now available.  Click here to view the video.

Be sure to review the previous blog and the section on ‘Getting Ready for the new ReloSpec version’.  There are simple instructions there that will be important for using the new version, especially the importance of allowing pop-ups.

Thanks to all who helped with suggestions and encouragement.  We’re very excited to show off this latest version.

3 Responses to “New ReloSpec version starts Monday”

  1. Rhea Demory Says:

    Anyone else having trouble with the new layout? I clicked on “Add New” and got a blank page with a bar at the top that said “return to client list”.

    • James Evans Says:

      Hi Rhea,

      Did you get an answer to your ReloSpec question? The page may be open, but it hiding behind other browser windows. Is that the case?


      • Rhea Demory Says:

        I just logged in again and when I clicked on Add New I saw a notice that a Pop Up was blocked so I had to elect to allow pops ups and then it opened the form in another tab. We’re good, thanks 🙂

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