New FORM Letter for Outgoing Referrals

A new FORM named ‘Outgoing Letter to Assigned Agent’ has been added to the list of FORMS.  This is a form that may be sent to the Assigned Agent for an Outgoing referral.  It includes the Client Name, contact information for the Referring and Assigned Agents, and when the form is sent manually it automatically inserts the email addresses for the Referring and Assigned agents.

NOTE: This new form includes the new Email Signature that is set up in the Users table, so if you haven’t already done so be sure to update that field prior to using this form.  From the Main Menu, click Utility Settings, Users, select your name, click the pencil and update the Email Signature field.  There are sample entries to review.  If you need any help with setting up your Email Signature, please let us know by submitting a Help Desk request.

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