Agent Performance Review and Scorecard Reports Enhanced

Recently ReloSpec began inserting notes into Agent Notes table.  Whenever an agent is assigned using the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link, or whenever the agent accepts or rejects one of the AutoAssign form requests or the agent is replaced by another agent a note is added for that particular agent in the Agents table.

You may view the Notes by clicking the AGENTS link on the left side of the Client List page, select an agent and scroll to the bottom of the page.  You may edit the notes by clicking the EDIT NOTES button at the bottom of the Notes grid.

Now the Agent Notes (not the Notes for referrals) are included when you view/print the ‘Scorecard – Agent’ report.  This handy report displays the referrals assigned to the agent grouped by Referral Status, the difference between the BMA and the Sale Price, other details, and now includes the notes for the agent.

In addition the ‘Scorecard – Agent Performance Review’ report has been greatly enhanced.  This report displays only the totals for a large number of categories such as Total Incoming Buyers, Total Incoming Sellers, AGRs, whether or not the agent used the “Preferred Mortgage Company” or not, the “Other Mortgage Company” used when they didn’t use the preferred and other details.  It now includes the Goals for the agent listed next to the results, and the Agent Notes have been added as well.

If you’re not already familiar with the ‘Scorecard – Agent’ and the ‘Scorecard – Agent Performance Review’ reports, check them out today.  They will be very useful the next time you need to review an individual agent’s performance.

Finding the Right Agent Just Got Much Easier

Need to find an agent who works in a certain area, speaks a certain language and has the proper training?  It is now much easier to find just the right person!

ReloSpec has always had the ability to track Areas Worked, Languages and Training for individual agents.  The problem has been searching across the various tables of agent information.  Now, ReloSpec stores the data in new fields in the Agents table and allows you to search across all the fields while in the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link!

In the AGENTS page you still have the buttons to edit any of the 3 tables (Areas Worked, Languages and Training).  The difference is that now when you click the ‘Return to Agents’ button an alphabetic list of the contents is entered into the proper read-only field in the Agents table.  This solves two problems we have had in the past; the ability to easily edit the contents of the field and the ability to quickly search across the various tables to find the correct agent.

Each time you click ‘View Languages’ you can edit the languages the agent speaks.  When you click the ‘Return to Agents’ button the languages you have chosen are entered into the corresponding Agents table field.  The same process applies to the ‘View Training’ and ‘View Areas Served’ buttons on the AGENTS page.

After you have selected an agent in the AGENTS page grid, look just below the grid to view the Areas Served, Languages and the Training for that agent.

And, the same search capabilities have been added to the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link in the Client List page.  So now when you need to lookup the correct agent you can search across all the fields and tables for all agents!  You can even combine multiple items within a search field.  Say you need someone that works in either “Bellevue” or in “Papillion”.  Just enter “Bellevue or Papillion” in the Areas Worked field and it will find agents who work in either place.  You may also use the word “and” in the same field so you could enter, for example, “Bellevue and Papillion” and it would find the agent (or agents) who works in both.

These new features are in your ReloSpec database today.  For those who have already been using the Areas Worked, Languages and Training tables all the data is still there.  As of today however, getting the records from the 3 tables into the new Agents table fields is done for each agent individually which is a tedious process.  Within the next few days watch for a new button to be added to the SETTINGS page that will perform that function for you for all agents.

If you’re just getting started with the Areas Worked, Languages and Training tables, start by going to the SETTINGS page, click the button for ‘Agents: Areas Worked’ and enter the various work areas for your area.  This will create the list of areas to be used while in the Agents table.  The same goes for ‘Agents: Languages Spoken’ and ‘Agents: Training Classes’, also found in the SETTINGS page.

Upload Your Own Company Logo

Your company logo appears in the upper-left corner of most of the Relocation Specialist FORMS, and now you can upload your own logo. From the Client List page, click the FORMS link on the left side, select a form and look at the upper-left corner. Is your logo there? Is it the correct logo?

To upload your own logo, or replace an existing logo, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a company logo file that is square-shaped.  Very important.  If not square, your logo will appear very large or very small depending on if it is tall or wide.
  2. Save your company logo in a .GIF format using your ReloSpec database name and the extension.  For example, if my database name was “ABCRealty”, then my logo file would be saved as “ABCRealty.GIF”.
  3. From the Settings page click ‘Upload logo’ and follow the instructions.  (It is simple!)

If you want to see the 2-minute Training Video, click here.  We hope you enjoy the added simplicity of uploading or replacing your company logo.


ReloSpec Theme ‘Ultra’ and New Icons

There are now ten (10!) different Relocation Specialist color ‘Themes’ to choose from.  And the latest has something very special.

The new Theme is named “Ultra” and it contains the new icons being introduced this week.  Rather than the older-looking buttons with just the words on them, Ultra includes color graphics, words and ToolTips that appear when you mouse-over the icon.

To select Ultra, or any other Theme, do the following.  From the Main Menu page, click ‘Settings’, ‘Users’, browse to the user name, click the pencil to edit and in the right column select the Theme from the droplist.  There is a button there to ‘View Samples’ where you may see the various Theme colors.

Ultra is now the default Theme for all new ReloSpec customers, and the new icons will be extended to all themes except ‘Classic’.

ReloSpec Facelift Is Coming Soon

Perhaps by now you have noticed the new icon buttons on the Relocation Specialist Main Menu page. We hope you like the new look!

Similar icon changes will soon be viewed on the Clients page (used to be called “Referrals List”) and most related pages such as Notes, Tasks (used to be “To Do” and now labeled “Tasks (To Do)”, and others.  And, there are also changes coming for the Utility Settings (now labeled “Settings”) page.

The Clients page now combines the First and Last Names for the Client, Assigned Agent, Referring Agent and the Contact so that less room is used to display a separate First Name field.  These are for display purposes only.  The records have not been changed.

Also, the Transaction Address has been moved to follow the Client Name field in the grid and the radio buttons at the top of the page, which are no longer needed, have been removed for a ‘cleaner’ look.

Another change you’ll notice soon is that the links on the left side of the Clients Page have been rearranged with those relating to a selected record in the grid in the first group and other more general links in the second group.  ToolTips (messages about the link) have been added for each link of the left side and for the icons at the top of the Clients page.

You still have the option of changing your Theme so that you can use different color combinations.  There are currently ten (10!) different Themes (color combinations) to choose from.  To select one, from the Main Menu page, click ‘Settings’, ‘Users’, select your name, click the pencil, and on the right column use the droplist to choose your Theme.  You can click the ‘View Samples’ page to see the various color combinations.

If you want a sneak peak at the new icons that are coming for the Clients page (and most other pages), select the ‘Ultra’ Theme in the Users table, return to the Main Menu page, Logout and log back in.

We hope you enjoy the new look.


Document When an Agent Rejects a Referral

Need to keep track of the times when an agent rejects a referral? Many of you have used the Agents Notes table to enter the information, however now it is easier to enter and is more specific.

To record when the agent rejects a referral, click the AGENTS link on the left side of the Referrals List page, select the agent and click the ‘View Notes’ button.  The (Agents) Notes page will open.  Click ADD NEW and you’ll see two new fields, [Disposition] and [Description].  For the Disposition field you have a droplist with choices of “Accepted” or “Rejected”.  For the Description field you have another droplist with the following choices, “Price”, “Vacation”, “Too busy”, “Did not answer”, “Location” or “Referral Type”.

The option to add to the Agents Notes table is also on the ‘Lookup’ page that you use to find the agent to assign; Referring Agent or Assigned Agent.  So, if you already have one agent as the Assigned Agent but need to assign a different one, using the ‘Lookup’ page you can find the first agent add the “Rejected” note, then find the replacement agent, click the button and bingo, the new agent is in place and the previous agent has the “Rejected” note added!

Soon, the Agents Notes will be added to the Agent Scorecard reports so that you’ll be able to see the results for the agent within the date range along with the number of times the agent rejected a referral opportunity and the reason.

Emails, Emails, Emails

This has been an interesting week for emails sent from Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec).  All ReloSpec emails sent to correct email addresses have been delivered.  That’s the good news.  The not-so-good news is that in some cases ReloSpec added “” to the FROM field of the email in order for it to be delivered.  There was no problem with this unless the receiver clicked the REPLY button and the email was sent to  New code has been completed to fix the problem.

Why are some of my emails routed through

As explained above, some of the emails sent before the new code was implemented had inserted in the FROM field.  If the receiver clicked the REPLY button, the email went back to the ReloSpec server.  All such emails were Forwarded to the correct email address.  This was a temporary fix that was permanently corrected with the new code.  We will continue to Forward emails from people who are taking more time to respond, though no new emails will be affected.

Will my emails be sent to Yahoo, Gmail or AOL without the

Yes, with one limited exception.  All ReloSpec emails will be delivered to all addresses including Yahoo, Gmail and AOL without a change in the FROM field.  This means that whoever receives the email can click the REPLY button and send the email directly back to you at your email server.

The exception is if your email address as recorded in the Email field in the ReloSpec Users table is a Yahoo, Gmail or AOL account AND the email is being sent to a Yahoo, Gmail or AOL account.  In those limited cases, your email will have the added to the FROM field so that it may get delivered.

Do I need to do anything in ReloSpec?

No.  Not unless you are one of the limited few who have “” or “” or “” in your ReloSpec Email address, and even if you do, it will only affect you if you’re sending email to another Yahoo, Gmail or AOL account.  If you cannot use an alternate email address, please let a ReloSpec Support person know and we’ll help you find an alternate email account.

Are You Using the Custom Email Signature Yet?

A few months ago we greatly enhanced your ability to customize each user’s profile, including the ability to create your own Email Signature.  We have converted all Letters that are available in the FORMS page so that they use the Email Signature from the User’s table.

Many have updated their user settings to include images, links to their email address and links to their company web address.  Some have even added a link in the signature to open the Referral Submit Form to allow addressees the ability to submit referrals directly to their database!  Cool!

But many have not yet updated their Email Signature.  Why not?  It is easy to do, doesn’t take much time and you can choose between four different templates to help you get started.  Imagine all emailed letters from your ReloSpec database having a signature that looks like this:

The Relocation Team

Barb, Kathryn and Tim
Outbound Referrals and Pre-Marketing Managers

(402) 426-9542 – Direct
(402) 426-2169 – Fax
Click here to Submit a Referral!

To get started, from the Main Menu page, click ‘Utility Settings’, ‘Users’, select the name and click the pencil to make changes. While you’re there you can change Passwords, choose between nine (9!) different Themes (color combinations) and make other selections to customize your ReloSpec experience.

Let us know if you need help with any of the Users table settings or any ReloSpec issue. We’re here to help you!

‘Favorite Forms’ now in AutoPilot and Action Plans

Selecting the ‘Form to send’ when generating a new AutoPilot in the ToDo page just got a lot easier!  Instead of including all 100+ Forms, the droplist now includes ONLY your Favorite Forms.  That makes it much easier to select the one you want.  This same list of Favorite Forms is used when adding a new Action Plan Item in the Action Plans page.

The use of your Favorite Forms is only when ADDing a new record in the AutoPilot (ToDo) record, or the Action Plan Items page.  If you click the pencil to UPDATE a record in either page you’ll have the full list of all available Forms.

To adjust your ‘Favorite Forms’ list, go to the Utility Settings page (from the Main Menu), click ‘Favorite Forms’ and add the ones you want to include.  The list of ‘Favorite Forms’ will be the same for all in your database.  It is not set for individual users.

Want to help others select their ‘Favorite Forms’?  Need help selecting which forms to use?  We’re in the process of compiling a list of the most popular Forms, and ‘Favorite Reports’.  If you have suggestions for other ReloSpec users, please submit them to  We’ll put the list together, then make it available to all.

We hope this saves time and confusion when selecting the correct Form to use.

New PEQ/Survey Field Has Been Added

The PEQ/Survey field has been helpful for tracking the results of a given record.  (PEQ=Performance Evaluation Questionnaire)  Many Relocation Specialist users use the ‘Customer Survey’ form that allows a client to click the link in the emailed form and provide an evaluation of the service provided, which automatically updates the PEQ/Survey field with the ‘overall score’.

Recently Cartus added a second field on which their users are rated.  Therefore, for those users we have added a second PEQ field.  So, for the Cartus users, the first field (PEQ/Survey) is for the Overall score and the PEQ2 field should be used for the PEQ/Agent score.  For non-Cartus users you may also use the second PEQ field as you wish.

The choices available in the droplist for each PEQ field may be edited using the ‘PEQ Items’ link found in the Utility Settings page.