Document When an Agent Rejects a Referral

Need to keep track of the times when an agent rejects a referral? Many of you have used the Agents Notes table to enter the information, however now it is easier to enter and is more specific.

To record when the agent rejects a referral, click the AGENTS link on the left side of the Referrals List page, select the agent and click the ‘View Notes’ button.  The (Agents) Notes page will open.  Click ADD NEW and you’ll see two new fields, [Disposition] and [Description].  For the Disposition field you have a droplist with choices of “Accepted” or “Rejected”.  For the Description field you have another droplist with the following choices, “Price”, “Vacation”, “Too busy”, “Did not answer”, “Location” or “Referral Type”.

The option to add to the Agents Notes table is also on the ‘Lookup’ page that you use to find the agent to assign; Referring Agent or Assigned Agent.  So, if you already have one agent as the Assigned Agent but need to assign a different one, using the ‘Lookup’ page you can find the first agent add the “Rejected” note, then find the replacement agent, click the button and bingo, the new agent is in place and the previous agent has the “Rejected” note added!

Soon, the Agents Notes will be added to the Agent Scorecard reports so that you’ll be able to see the results for the agent within the date range along with the number of times the agent rejected a referral opportunity and the reason.

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