Customize Your ReloSpec Look!

In the Relocation Specialist software there are now 9 different themes which may be selected that automatically configure the colors used with the various pages.  Individual users may select a theme that is different from others in the same database.

To select a theme, do the following:

1) From the Main Menu page, click ‘Utility Settings’, ‘Users’.

2) Select the name you want and click the UPDATE button

 3) Click the ‘View Choices’ button in the Color Theme field to see the options

4) In the Color Theme field, make your selection from the drop-list

The newest theme is “Modern” and includes gradient colors throughout the Relocation Specialist application.

We hope you enjoy the choices, and have fun making ReloSpec your own!

Lookup from Agents Table; filter for ACTIVE Agents only

This morning we changed the filter for ‘Lookup from Agents Table’ page to show ONLY those agents where ‘Active?’ = TRUE.  Agents that have never had that field updated (so it is blank) and ones that have had the field updated to TRUE will now be displayed.

Once an Agent has their ACTIVE field changed to = FALSE they will no longer appear in the ‘Lookup from Agents Table’.

If needed we can update your Agents table so that ALL agents will show as being ‘Active’ and you may change the ones you don’t want as ‘Active’.  Submit your request through the ReloSpec Help Desk.

Thank you,

The ReloSpec Team