New PEQ/Survey Field Has Been Added

The PEQ/Survey field has been helpful for tracking the results of a given record.  (PEQ=Performance Evaluation Questionnaire)  Many Relocation Specialist users use the ‘Customer Survey’ form that allows a client to click the link in the emailed form and provide an evaluation of the service provided, which automatically updates the PEQ/Survey field with the ‘overall score’.

Recently Cartus added a second field on which their users are rated.  Therefore, for those users we have added a second PEQ field.  So, for the Cartus users, the first field (PEQ/Survey) is for the Overall score and the PEQ2 field should be used for the PEQ/Agent score.  For non-Cartus users you may also use the second PEQ field as you wish.

The choices available in the droplist for each PEQ field may be edited using the ‘PEQ Items’ link found in the Utility Settings page.

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