ReloSpec Facelift Is Coming Soon

Perhaps by now you have noticed the new icon buttons on the Relocation Specialist Main Menu page. We hope you like the new look!

Similar icon changes will soon be viewed on the Clients page (used to be called “Referrals List”) and most related pages such as Notes, Tasks (used to be “To Do” and now labeled “Tasks (To Do)”, and others.  And, there are also changes coming for the Utility Settings (now labeled “Settings”) page.

The Clients page now combines the First and Last Names for the Client, Assigned Agent, Referring Agent and the Contact so that less room is used to display a separate First Name field.  These are for display purposes only.  The records have not been changed.

Also, the Transaction Address has been moved to follow the Client Name field in the grid and the radio buttons at the top of the page, which are no longer needed, have been removed for a ‘cleaner’ look.

Another change you’ll notice soon is that the links on the left side of the Clients Page have been rearranged with those relating to a selected record in the grid in the first group and other more general links in the second group.  ToolTips (messages about the link) have been added for each link of the left side and for the icons at the top of the Clients page.

You still have the option of changing your Theme so that you can use different color combinations.  There are currently ten (10!) different Themes (color combinations) to choose from.  To select one, from the Main Menu page, click ‘Settings’, ‘Users’, select your name, click the pencil, and on the right column use the droplist to choose your Theme.  You can click the ‘View Samples’ page to see the various color combinations.

If you want a sneak peak at the new icons that are coming for the Clients page (and most other pages), select the ‘Ultra’ Theme in the Users table, return to the Main Menu page, Logout and log back in.

We hope you enjoy the new look.


One Response to “ReloSpec Facelift Is Coming Soon”

  1. Jo Anne Conner Says:

    I REALLY like having the address right next to their name!

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