Upload Your Own Company Logo

Your company logo appears in the upper-left corner of most of the Relocation Specialist FORMS, and now you can upload your own logo. From the Client List page, click the FORMS link on the left side, select a form and look at the upper-left corner. Is your logo there? Is it the correct logo?

To upload your own logo, or replace an existing logo, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a company logo file that is square-shaped.  Very important.  If not square, your logo will appear very large or very small depending on if it is tall or wide.
  2. Save your company logo in a .GIF format using your ReloSpec database name and the extension.  For example, if my database name was “ABCRealty”, then my logo file would be saved as “ABCRealty.GIF”.
  3. From the Settings page click ‘Upload logo’ and follow the instructions.  (It is simple!)

If you want to see the 2-minute Training Video, click here.  We hope you enjoy the added simplicity of uploading or replacing your company logo.


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