Friday Update

Welcome to the first ‘Friday Update’.  One of the suggestions from a recent Advisory Council meetings was to have a ‘Friday Update’ page to identify all the updates done with the Relocation Specialist software during the last week.

Each week, there are many updates and tweaks that are done with the software.  In the past, most of them were never announced but were often noticed by the more observant users.  We usually blog about the bigger, more noticeable changes, but the ‘Friday Update’ is an attempt to provide a list of all the changes.

There may be subtle changes that you could use that you may not be aware of.  Once you’re aware of them, you may want to use them.  Here is a list of the recent changes, in no particular order.  (Because this is the first ‘Friday Update’ there are a few items from previous weeks.)

  • Images option now allows you to update and store files for Agents and Contacts, independent of Referral records
  • New icons are used throughout the application for all Themes except ‘Classic’.  If you want to change the various color combinations (or ‘Themes’) go to the Settings page, Users, select your name and click UPDATE.  The ‘Theme’ field is on the right column.  You may view sample Themes there so that you can select the right one for you!
  • The Settings page has been rearranged into groups to make it easier to locate the button needed
  • The Clients List (formerly ‘Referrals List’) grid has been rearranged to:
    • Remove the radio buttons at the top of the page (no longer needed)
    • Display Client First Name and Client Last Name in separate columns
    • Combine the Referring and Assigned Agent names into one column  to save space
    • Display the Contact First Name in the Contact Name column
    • Change the layout so that the Email and Text Message icons come after the name(s) to make the names easier to read
    • The links on the left side of the page have been rearranged to include links for a selected Client record in the top group and all others in the bottom group
  • Updated the Agents page to display Notes below the grid (like the Clients page) and the Images below the Notes
  • Updated the Contacts page to display Notes below the grid (like the Clients page) and the Images below the Notes
  • New Report:  ‘Scorecard – Office 5’ was added to remove the Subtype and Color Code, and add the Initiation Date and the Transaction Address
  • New Form: ‘USAA Update Price Quote’ form was added for use by Cartus brokers only.  The link will open the USAA page and when submitted will post the page to USAA

Have a great weekend!

One Response to “Friday Update”

  1. Jo Anne Conner Says:

    The Friday update is a good idea! Thanks.

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