Enabling Agent Access

For a long time we have had the ability to allow agents to login and have access to limited features.  The agent can login, then:

  • Have Read-Only access to records assigned to the agent
  • Send updates right away (without waiting for an emailed update request)
  • Send quick emails to the clients that are automatically saved in the Notes
  • Create new referral records that use the Referral Submit Form and are added to your Import table
  • Access the ‘Scorecard’ report for that agent

Now, allowing the agent to access ReloSpec is simple and fast!  A new field ‘Enable Login’ has been added to the Agents table.  Simply select the agent, click the pencil to edit the record and set ‘Enable Login’ to TRUE.  That’s it!  When you do that, ReloSpec will:

  • Create an ID/Password for the agent (the ID will be the agent’s email address)
  • Add the agent to your Users table in SETTINGS
  • Send an email to the agent with a link to ReloSpec and the ID/Password displayed

If you change your mind and do not want the agent to access ReloSpec, just select the agent in the Agents table, click the pencil to edit the record and set ‘Enable Login?’ to FALSE.  ReloSpec will delete the entry from the ReloSpec Login table (not from your Users table) and the agent will no longer be able to login.

For more information, click the Training Videos link on the Main Menu page and click on the ‘Enabling Agent Access’ link in the Mobile Access section.


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