Contract Date field added to AutoUpdate form

One of the most popular ReloSpec forms is the ‘AutoUpdate’ form which is emailed to the agent.  The agent opens the email, clicks the link, fills out the form and clicks SUBMIT.  The form results come right back into the database.

At the bottom of the form are additional fields that allow the agent to submit the Transaction Address, Est Close Date, Est Sale Price, Sale Price and Actual Close Date.  Those form fields automatically update the corresponding fields in the database record.

Now the Contract Date has been added to both the AutoUpdate and the AutoUpdate2 forms.  Upon submitting the form, the corresponding field in the Closing page will now also be updated.

2 Responses to “Contract Date field added to AutoUpdate form”

  1. Brenda Colvin Says:

    This is awesome – thanks for the continuing changes!

    Warm regards,


    Brenda Colvin

    Relocation Director

    American Realty Connections, LLC

    11350 Random Hills Road, Suite 130

    Fairfax, VA 22030

    Office: 703-352-9701 x. 2006

    Direct to desk: 571-295-7566

    Toll-Free: 866-697-3561

    Mobile: 703-581-8132

    Fax: 703-352-9705


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