Change in Referral Generates Note

From time to time we are asked if there is a way for ReloSpec to document when a certain change was made in the referral record and who made the change.  Now the answer is ‘Yes’.

Whenever a change is made in the Referral Type, Status, Agent or Firm then ReloSpec will automatically add a note that includes who made the change, the date/time it was made, what the previous value was and the new value.  Automatic changes made in the Closing page will also be documented.

Now when you want to know, for example, when a record was changed for one agent to another, or from one Status to a new one you’ll be able to find it in the Notes.

2 Responses to “Change in Referral Generates Note”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    It appears that ReloSpec is becoming more “User” friendly. These additions along with previous ones (i.e., ability to name reports, etc.) make this program more intuitive and informative. Thank you.

  2. Cheryl Fortner Says:

    Great addition to ReloSpec! Thanks!

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