Referral Submit Form is now FREE!!!

For years the Referral Submit Form has been providing many Relocation Specialist customers an easy, efficient way for agents and contacts to submit referrals.  Today we are announcing that this $300 option is now FREE!

The Referral Submit Form is an online form that may be accessed easily from many sources.  For example, many people add a link somewhere on their website for agents to click.  When clicked the form opens on the Internet, the agent fills it out, clicks SUBMIT and the record is instantly inserted into their database’s Import table.

Others add a link to their email signature so that when others want to provide a referral they just click the link, fill out the form and SUBMIT.  Or, within Relocation Specialist you can email the form that contains the link.  The agent opens the email, clicks the link, completes the form and SUBMITs.

It’s fast, simple and a great way to generate more referrals!

The link you’ll add is: where “DATABASENAME” is the name of your Relocation Specialist database ID.  (It is found on the Referrals List page under the heading “Referrals List”.)  Each link will have two parts; the part that opens the page which is shown above, and the part the agent sees which could be whatever you want such as “Click here to provide a Referral”.

If you want to try it, click the FORMS link on the Referrals List page, browse to ‘Referral Submit Form’, click the link on the form, fill out the Internet page that opens and click SUBMIT.  Close the forms, return to the Referrals List page, click the IMPORT link on the left side or the IMPORT TABLE link in the ‘At A Glance…’ box in the upper-left of the page.  The Import page opens and displays the record.  Click the ‘CLICK HERE’ link in the top box under the grid to move the record from the Import table to the Referrals table.



One Response to “Referral Submit Form is now FREE!!!”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I thought when we tested the link for the referral submit form, that I got an email alert that there was a referral. Did that change? I can’t duplicate the event again.

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