One of the Coolest features you may not know about Just Got Better! Email Signatures

How many times have you been working on a record in the database and need to send a quick email to an agent or client or contact?  Are you using the ‘Email to Assigned Agent’ FORM???  Just click FORMS, browse to ‘Email to Assigned Agent’ (or to ‘Client’ or to ‘Contact’), write what you want and click SEND.

Not only is this a quick way to get the email out, but Relocation Specialist also automatically COPIES it into the NOTES for that record!  What could be easier?

How did it get better?  Now you can create your own personalized EMAIL SIGNATURE that automatically gets added to your outgoing emails!  Your signature may be as simple as a few lines, or include pictures, links to your website or even a link to an online form for others to submit leads to you!  (This Referral Submit feature to be announced soon!)

Your custom Email Signature is automatically added to any of the 4 ‘Email To…’ FORMS as well as to any of the 25 ‘Custom Letter to…’ FORMS.  To create your own Email Signature, from the Main Menu page, click ‘Utility Settings’, ‘Users’, select your name by clicking the pencil and make your entry in the Signature field.

The Email Signature field uses HTML code to produce your entry in outgoing emails.   To see how to create your Email Signature be sure to click the ‘View Samples’ button to see four different versions.  You can select from very simple to complex, or create your own!

To see the Training Video on creating your Email Signature click here

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