At A Glance; Records To Be Sent

A new link has been added to the At A Glance box on the Client List page.  This new link displays the number of records for which you used the ‘Lookup from Brokers Using ReloSpec’ or the ‘Lookup HSF Affiliate’ (for exclusive use of HSF Affiliates) and yet have not used the SEND button to send the record to the other broker.

Note for HSF Affiliates: Using the SEND button is the only way you will receive credit for sending a referral to another HSF affiliate.

As a review, using the SEND button is great for the sender and the receiver.  For the sender it means that a copy of your referral will be inserted into the other broker’s database and synchronized with your own.  Any changes made to the record such as Assigned Agent, Status and other settings will update automatically in your database!  For the receiver it means not re-entering any of the client details and knowing that changes you make will automatically update the sender’s database!

This new link will be display only if you have any un-sent referrals.  Clicking the new link will filter the Client List page and display only those records that haven’t been sent.

So, what happens if you have a record that was set up to send, but you changed your mind and don’t ever want to send it?  Just select the record, click the SEND button then click the button that says, “I no longer want to send this client now or in the future”.  Clicking the button will remove the referral record from the list of un-sent records.

3 Responses to “At A Glance; Records To Be Sent”

  1. Alicia Motter Says:

    OMG, this is crazy! I went through and “resent” only those that were active or closed and placed in 2015. I am getting calls and e-mails asking why I did this!!!! I am not sure this is right…

  2. Jo Anne Conner Says:

    I’m concerned what doing this will do to everyone’s database….I’m going to hold off until ya’ll think this through a bit more.

  3. Laura Fox Says:

    Can you change my email address to Thanks!

    Sent from my iPhone


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