Trouble Logging In? ReloSpec is now on a Secure Server

Earlier today the Relocation Specialist software was moved to a secure server.  This means that communications between your PC or device and the ReloSpec server are now encrypted and therefore more secure.

Though this was supposed to be a simple change, we have found some unintended consequences.  For those people who access their ReloSpec database using a Shortcut,  you may have had trouble logging in.  That is because the shortcut includes the letters “http://…” for the URL (Internet address) and the address now begins with “https://…” (note the “s”).

If your shortcut only took you to the Main Menu page and you logged in yourself you wouldn’t have noticed any difference.  That is by design.  It’s just that for those people whose shortcut included their ID/Password they would have an issue with logging in.

If your shortcut includes your ID/Password, the edit the shortcut to include the “s” and all will work again.  If you have any questions or problems, please contact a member of the ReloSpec team.

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