Introducing the ReloSpec Assistant

Today we are introducing the ReloSpec Assistant.  It is one of our most powerful features and is available today.

The Assistant is a development tool that automates ReloSpec functions and runs 24/7.  You do not need to be logged into ReloSpec for the Assistant to be working for you.

Here is an example of how the Assistant is working for a ReloSpec customer.  From the customer’s website a client clicks a link to open a ‘landing page’.  The client fills out the online form and clicks SUBMIT.  From that point the Assistant does the following:

  • Decides which area the client is interested in and assigns the next agent in that area.  The agent receives a text message and an email.
  • The agent has 5 minutes to accept the lead.  If the agent does not accept the lead, the Assistant selects the next (2nd) agent and starts the process over.
  • The assistant waits another 5 minutes and if not accepted assigns the lead to a 3rd agent.  If the 3rd agent doesn’t respond in time the lead is assigned to the office coordinator.
  • The assistant documents each step with the new lead as well as updating the Notes for each individual agent.
  • Once the lead is accepted, another series of steps are performed such as sending emails to clients and scheduling update requests with the agent.

Think of the Assistant as your own personal assistant that is watching your database and responding when certain events are triggered.  We expect there will be a wide variety of events the Assistant will perform depending on your specific needs.

Pricing for the Assistant is $400 per year plus the time required to build your specific tasks.  The hourly rate is $140.  Though the price may appear high to some, the price should be compared with the cost of a person performing the tasks versus the Assistant being ‘on call’ 24/7.

For more information about the Assistant and what it can do for you, contact Jim Evans (

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