Easily Change Email Addresses in AutoPilots

Do you use an Action Plan to create AutoPilots?  And, does the Action Plan Item include, say, an Office Manager that has changed?  Sometimes you’ll have AutoPilots with the old email address and you need to replace it with a new one.  Instead of trying to remember which AutoPilots may be going to the wrong email address you can now use a handy ReloSpec feature to do it for you!

In the Settings page there is a new link: ‘Search/Replace Email Addresses in Tasks’.  Click the link and you’ll be able to enter the old address and the new address and let ReloSpec find and update each occurrence.  This works for the following:

  • Task Activity = AutoPilot
  • Task is not yet Complete
  • Searches the To:, CC: and the BCC: field
  • Works if there are multiple email addresses entered in any of the 3 fields (To:, CC: and the BCC:)

You won’t use this feature every day, but it will be a handy thing to have when you need it!

One Response to “Easily Change Email Addresses in AutoPilots”

  1. Suzanne Reynolds Says:

    Yes! Needed it the other day and manually changed them all. Thanks for doing this, it will help in the future!

    [signature 10-14-15]

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