Pre-recorded Checkup Webinar is Available

Response to the web seminars has been great!  We appreciate those who were able to invest a few minutes to sharpen their ReloSpec skills.

However, many were not able to attend and have requested having a recorded version of the webinar available for viewing at any time.  We’re happy to announce that we have added the ‘ReloSpec Checkup’ webinar as the first item on the list of pre-recorded webinars.

To view the webinar, click the link on the Main Menu page for Web Seminar Schedule.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link for the ‘ReloSpec Checkup’.  Or, click here for a quicker way to view it.

Lookup from Agents table; Areas Served Enhanced

In a recent blog we introduced the ability to identify agents you may want to assign “next”, as well as the ability to view the ‘last assigned date’ for each agent.  Now, we are enhancing your ability to search for agents; this time with the ‘Area Served’ field.

In the past you could open the Agents page then click the ‘Areas Worked’ button to open the Areas Worked table and add the area(s) the agent works in.  The problem was that when using the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link in the Clients List page you weren’t able to search that separate table of Areas Worked.  This week we are in the process of converting all those agent’s Areas Worked records into the ‘Areas Served’ field in the Agents table.  This means that now when you click the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ you can search by the usual fields plus by Areas Served.

To update the Areas Served field, click the Agents link on the left side of the Clients List page, select the agent you want to update, click the pencil and fill-in the field.  You can enter whatever items on which you want to search on later, such as cities, geographic locations, zip codes or whatever.  You may separate the entries by whatever you choose, though none are required.

When searching the Areas Served field you can also use the keyword “OR” or the keyword “AND” and combine your searches into one convenient search.  For example, let’s say you’re looking for the agents that work in Omaha or in Lincoln.  You can put “Omaha OR Lincoln” in the Area Served field and it would display all agents that work in Omaha or Lincoln.  If you entered “Omaha AND Lincoln” in the field it would display only those agents that work in Omaha and Lincoln.

This great new feature allows you to search the Areas Served field when adding or editing a record, which you weren’t able to do before.

‘Agent Access’ Now Available at a Lower Price

Want to give your agents Read-Only access to their Referrals table records? You can with the Agent Access option.  For just $25 per agent per year you can let your agents view their records, add their own new records, provide comments/updates about referrals assigned to them and even use the Action Plans and Drip Email features of the database!

It’s a great way for agents to view/report on their referrals which may even be accessed from their smart phone!  Agents will have access to a limited number of reports that include only their own referrals, plus they can SUBMIT new records for Outgoing referrals.  And, agents will view ONLY those Notes that you have designated as ‘Public’.

A minimum of 10 agent licenses ($250/year) is all that’s needed to get started.  Additional licenses are available at further discounted rates.  For more information, email

Can I Change the LOOK of my Referral Page?

Sure!  You have some control over how your referral page looks.

1st.  The COLOR.  We want you to select the colors your are partial to since you are the one staring at the screen all day.  To change the color or your ReloSpec Screen please login to ReloSpec.  Next go to the User Table, located in the Utility Settings.  Once there you will click the last field that says COLOR CHOICES.

UtilitySettings/Uses/Red Update Button/ Color Choices

There are 8 different color themes to chose from….have fun finding the one that is right for you!

2nd  When you are on the main Referral Page you can Select From 3 different options and change the information displayed on your screen:

1) Standard Display

2) Show Email Addresses

3) Show Inventory List


3rd.  You can sort your Referral Page by clicking on ANY of the Column Headings.  Type/Status/Transferee Last Name/ First Name/ Email.  Whatever you want, just click on that Column’s Heading and the data will sort accordingly.  Pretty cool!