‘Agent Access’ Now Available at a Lower Price

Want to give your agents Read-Only access to their Referrals table records? You can with the Agent Access option.  For just $25 per agent per year you can let your agents view their records, add their own new records, provide comments/updates about referrals assigned to them and even use the Action Plans and Drip Email features of the database!

It’s a great way for agents to view/report on their referrals which may even be accessed from their smart phone!  Agents will have access to a limited number of reports that include only their own referrals, plus they can SUBMIT new records for Outgoing referrals.  And, agents will view ONLY those Notes that you have designated as ‘Public’.

A minimum of 10 agent licenses ($250/year) is all that’s needed to get started.  Additional licenses are available at further discounted rates.  For more information, email info@prosws.com.

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