Rainy Days & Monday’s

Rainy Day’s & Monday’s USUALLY get me down!  I am sitting here in beautiful Seattle, Washington and it is raining, and it is Monday, but I am in a pretty wonderful mood!  Partly because it was 70 plus all weekend, but more so because I love my job, so enjoy working with all of you and I ADORE FREE THINGS, so being able to give them away is pretty fun!  (Thanks Jim for nodding yes over the phone-I sure hope he said yes!)

Seriously, we will be making an announcement on THURSDAY that is so BIG, so HUGE, so CRAZY that I am 100% sure Jim has lost his mind, and though I think my job is to be a voice of reason when he does this…well, given these rough economic times I had to say “Let’s do it!”

So stay-tuned for Thursday, May 20th!!!! (BIG I am telling you, HUGE!)

Meanwhile, remember this blog post from February 24th?

The first 200 customers to register their email address at https://relospec411.com/ will be entered into a drawing to win one of four $25 Starbucks Gift Cards! $25 worth of free treats just for typing your email address into a box, pretty good deal and your odds are 1 in 25, also pretty darn good!

Well we never gave a 4th Starbucks card away because we stalled out around 191 blog subscribers.  Today we are close to 300!  I know we are forcing you to read by eliminating the Newsletter, but trust us, you will love it!

And I am going to give another one away when we hit 300!  So if you have co-workers not registered, tell them the time has come!

Tonight I will gather all the names up, draw one, and give away another Starbucks gift card!  FUN FUN!

9 Responses to “Rainy Days & Monday’s”

  1. Becky Bowman Says:

    I am reading…you mean May 20th…and thanks for my Starbucks card!

  2. Elizabeth Landgraf Says:

    Register now! Nothing tastes better than free coffee, I was a lucky winner the first time!

  3. jensheps Says:

    @Becky, ummm yes….good catch! Thanks MAY 20th For sure!
    @Elizabeth, not sure you shouldn’t be buying a lottery ticket…we have two give-aways to date and you won both times! Go buy a powerball and when you win 120 million remember who told you to buy that lucky ticket? LOL!

  4. susan kornegay Says:

    Time is flying by! I thought it was still May! Can’t wait to hear the news on Thursday!

  5. Connie Says:

    I’m waiting on my card!

  6. Jan Goff Says:

    Just write “I want free coffee” in the comment section under this post and your gift card will be on the way!

    • jensheps Says:

      Hi Jan, Actually it said just be the 1st person….but I did give them to the first 3!!! There will be more, I promise!

  7. Adrienne Caron Says:

    June 20th is a Sunday. I am guessing you mean May 20th.

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