New USAA Forms Available

This announcement is for ReloSpec customers who are members of Cartus.

Effective today there are two newly updated USAA forms which reflect the change to the USAA Real Estate Rewards program.  The two new ReloSpec forms are the ‘USAA Welcome Letter’ and the ‘USAA Thank You Letter’.  These two forms include the wording suggested by Cartus.

Be aware that the previous form names ‘USAA 1st Letter to Member’, ‘USAA 3 Mo Letter to Member’ and ‘USAA 3 Wk Letter to Member’ have been revised and are still available in ReloSpec.  The ‘USAA 1st Letter to Member’ and the ‘USAA Thank you letter’ are the same form.  Many already have the older forms in their Action Plans and will not need to update your Action Plan settings to use the newly updated forms.

The new Cartus forms are worded so as to apply to both buyer and sellers which is why there are not two versions of the Welcome and Thank You letters.

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