New Form: AutoAssign7

Do you need to send an assignment to the agent and show the Referral Fee 1 Percent and the amount of increase for the agent?  Use the AutoAssign7 form to do this.

Let’s say you want to show the agent that the Referral Fee Percent is 30% and there will be an increase of $100 up-charged to the agent.  Enter “.30” in the Referral Fee 1 Percent field in the Closing Page and enter “100” in the Referral Fee 3 Amount field.  When you open/send the AutoAssign7 form they will be formatted properly and display as “30% plus $100”.

There are many versions of the AutoAssign forms.  Open the FORMS page, click the ‘All Forms’ radio button and review to see which are best for your needs.

One Response to “New Form: AutoAssign7”

  1. Beverly Kovacik Says:

    I tried this and it didn’t work?

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