Is Your Contact’s W-9 On File?

When it is important to know whether or not you have a Contact’s W-9 form on file, you may now track that in the Contacts table.  From the Client List page click the CONTACTS link on the left side of the page.  Browse to the record you want and click the pencil to edit.  There is now a YES/NO field labeled “W-9 on file?” where you may enter the setting.

What is nice is that when you select that record in the Client List page by using the ‘Lookup by Firm Name’ link the W-9 setting is also inserted into the referral record.  So, when you click the CLOSING INFO link you’ll see in the upper-right of the page whether or not you already have the W-9 for that Contact.

As a bonus, for those of you using the Images option, you may upload a copy of the W-9 and store it with the images for that Contact.  You’ll always have a copy of the W-9 whenever you need to reference it!

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