Business Rules Announced

Today we’re announcing the Relocation Specialist Business Rules option.  This exciting option provides automatic programming to your database.  It monitors your data and sends texts, email or both when the data meets certain criteria.  You define what data you want to monitor and who is notified, and Business Rules does the rest!

The Standard Business Rules option includes the following rules:

  • Run AutoPilot Automatically
  • Email/text administrator if there are records in the Import table
  • Email/text Administrator if agent responds that he/she will NOT accept an assignment
  • When agent update request is not answered in a certain amount of time, notify owner to take action
  • Email/text administrator if AutoPilot item is missing the email address
  • When a response is submitted by an agent and marked “Urgent”, automatically text/email the administrator
  • Email/text administrator if LastUpdateDate for an ‘Active’ referral record is > 2 Weeks old
  • Email/text administrator if Referrals table record has no MgrConsultant assigned
  • Email/text Link for up to three (3) Customized Advanced Reports at pre-determined times

The cost of the Business Rules option is $899/year and includes customization of the Standard rules.  Additional rules, if needed may be configured at the rate of $140/hours.

Click here to view the Business Rules Worksheet used to make selections for rule options.

To get started, contact Jim Evans ( or call 402/426-9542.

2 Responses to “Business Rules Announced”

  1. Russell Cox Says:

    Is that an additional charge or included. Thx ?

    • James Evans Says:

      The price was quoted just below the itemized features in the article:
      “The cost of the Business Rules option is $899/year and includes customization of the Standard rules.”

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