Need to Keep An Eye on the Competition?

We know that some of you keep track of the competition and especially those brokers to whom you may lose a deal.  Now you can keep all the information you need in a convenient page linked to the referral record.

There is a new link on the left side of the Referrals List page labeled “Competitor”.  Just click that link, fill in the information you want and click UPDATE.  The fields include Broker Name, Agent Name, (their) List Date, Sale Date, List Price and Sale Price.

We’re adding the Competitor Name to the far right side of the Referrals List grid so you’ll be able to see it there too, if you like.  And, soon you’ll see a new report that will display the Competitor fields along with other important fields such as Dead Date and Dead Reason.

So, now you can have the information that may help you win more deals!

6 Responses to “Need to Keep An Eye on the Competition?”

  1. Karen taylor Says:

    This is great…we had set up a separate tracking system which was time consuming!

  2. Ann Gioe Says:

    Will those fields be added to the Custom Financial Report options?

    Ann GioeRelocation DirectorPrudential Indiana Realty8402 E. 116th StFishers, IN 46038317-913-2803/direct317-594-3060/

  3. Kristin - C21AZFoothills Says:

    We use an excel spreadsheet now. Very excite about this new feature. When do you think the reports will be accessible?

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