ReloSpec’s Most Popular Reports (and Forms too!)

Need help finding the right report?  There’s been a lot of talk lately about finding and publishing the best ReloSpec report for the right people.  Want to know what others are using?

We have added a new radio button to the REPORTS page labeled “Most Popular”, and when you open the page it defaults to displaying ReloSpec’s most popular reports.  The list may be updated from time to time depending on new reports that get released and what people are using.  But, it’s a short list of reports that may give you just what you need.

You still have the options you had before for “My Favorites” and “All Reports”, as well as “Advanced”, “Standard” and “Miscellaneous”.

And, the new Scheduled Reports feature allows you to select WHICH REPORT to be sent to WHOM and WHEN.  Are you using this new feature yet?  As always, if you need help with finding or sending the right report(s), just let us know.

By the way, very soon you’ll see the same three options on the FORMS page; “Most Popular”, “My Favorites” and “All Forms”.

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