Quick EMAIL Buttons, Enhanced!

Many of you have used the Quick EMAIL buttons on the Referrals List grid.  It’s a great way to quickly create an email to the selected person (ie. Contact, Client, Assigned Agt, Ref Agt) and have the email content automatically saved in the Notes for that record.

But now, there is an additional helpful feature.  At the bottom of the EMAIL page, there are two checkboxes.  Checking the first one will automatically insert the ‘Incoming Information Sheet’ in the body of the email.  Checking the second one will automatically insert a pre-selected Body Of Letter into the email body.

Let’s say you’ve just updated something within a record and you want to let the agent know.  From the grid, click the EMAIL button next to the Assigned Agt Last Name, enter what you want to say in the email and check the first checkbox.  The email, with the Incoming Information Sheet will be sent to the agent and the transaction recorded in the Notes.  What could be easier?

TRY IT: To see what the agent would get try sending it to yourself.  Select a record, click the EMAIL button, change the email address to your email address, check the first checkbox and SEND.

To see the Training Video for the Quick EMAIL Buttons, click here.

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