Enhanced SEND Button; Introducing the GUEST Database

When someone says they want to send you a referral, you should be asking, “Do you use ReloSpec?”.  Why?  Because you’ll want them to use the SEND button.  Why?  Because you avoid re-entering the referral record!

Save time by asking the other broker to SEND the referral to you using the SEND button.  All they do is select the record, click SEND, enter your Database ID (found in heading of Referrals List page) and click the SUBMIT button.  The record is instantly in your Import table where you can review it, or with the click of a button you can move it into your Referrals List page and start working it.

What if you want to SEND a record to someone else?  Select the record, click the SEND button and you can look up the other broker by SEARCHing for their name, city/state they work in and other criteria.  COPY and PASTE the Database ID and SUBMIT.  ReloSpec will automatically generate an email to the Contact to let them know the record has been sent!

But, what if they don’t use ReloSpec?  No problem!  Click the SEND button and send it to the GUEST database.  ReloSpec will insert the record into their GUEST database where they can login and view the records sent to them from you and other ReloSpec users.  An ID/Password will be created automatically and included in an email that gets generated automatically and is sent to them.  Then, anytime they want they can go to MyReloSpec.com, and login using the ID/Password.  They can select a record and use the SEND UPDATE button to let you know the latest.

To see a demo of the GUEST database go to MyReloSpec.com and login using jevans@prosws.com/j048 for the ID/Password.

To see the latest Training Video on using the SEND button, click here.


2 Responses to “Enhanced SEND Button; Introducing the GUEST Database”

  1. Dawn Grey Says:

    Is there any way to make the Broker look-up table recognize any part of the company name instead of just the first word in the name? For those of us who have our name in as CB instead of Coldwell Banker….

    • Jim Evans Says:

      Hi Dawn. I’m hoping most users will update their own entries before I can make the time to do it myself. I’ll be trying to update all the “CB” entries to “Coldwell Baker”, for example.

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