New Form

Per a Customer request we have created a new form called ‘Incoming Information Sheet – Agent 2’ which is the same as the previous form (Incoming Information Sheet – Agent) but this one contains the [Referral Fee 1 Percent] field. The form is now available in ReloSpec.

Thank you.

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3 Responses to “New Form”

  1. Shawn Owens Says:

    This is a great form. The only thing that I think would make it better is if it included the total commission due by adding all three commission fields. The example would be .125, .125 & .5. What the agent would see on their copy would be a 30% (as it is only the total that the agent would be concerned with). Thanks.

  2. Irving Says:

    WANT Donuts, Old Products, Dollars DO NOT, Beneath ANY Situations, POST YOUR Personal Data IN PUBLIC THREADS/COMMENTS!!!!

  3. code argent gta 5 Says:

    NicoleJe suis bien daccord avec – job Psycho les mres.

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