Introducing AutoPilot Express; Send AutoPilots Without Logging In!

Today we are announcing AutoPilot Express.  It is one of the most significant features in the history of Relocation Specialist!  ReloSpec can now send your AutoPilots for you even if you have not logged in.  Do you have AutoPilot emails that need to be sent on the weekend or on days that you’re not working?  How would you like to have them sent for you automatically?

Imagine the time this will save you!  You can schedule update requests from agents or even schedule reports to be sent to your agents or managers, then have AutoPilot Express send them on the date they’re due.

How does this feature work?  We’ll add your name and other details to the AutoPilot Express Users page.  AutoPilot Express looks up the names on the list and runs the AutoPilots for each individual.  The process is repeated every hour throughout the day.  Let us know if you want to get a confirmation email each time the AutoPilots are sent.  The email will have your UserName and the total number of AutoPilots processed in the last hour.  (The default setting is to NOT get an email each hour.)

How do I get started?  Just let us know you want to use AutoPilot Express, and we’ll get it set up.  We’ll need your Database Name and name(s) of the User(s) who want this service turned on for them.  Just send an email to and ask for AutoPilot Express.

How much does this cost?  It’s FREE!!!  We want everyone who wants this exciting feature to be able to use it without paying more to get it.  Just let us know and we’ll set you up!

One Response to “Introducing AutoPilot Express; Send AutoPilots Without Logging In!”

  1. Kathy Rothe Says:

    I want to use Auto Pilot express.

    Kathy Rothe

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