Now You Can Send Responses Directly To Notes!

A new option has been added to the ReloSpec Users table that will allow individual users to designate if they want their Responses to go directly to the Notes table.  By clicking YES in this new field, all responses for the most popular FORMS will be sent to the Notes table and will bypass the Responses table.

This option isn’t for everybody.  It depends on the volume of responses and the need to get them to the most convenient place in the database.  This option will work well for you if the responses volume is high and you don’t want to have to go to the Responses page and process the responses so that you can look at all responses for a given Referral record together in the Notes table.  For those who want to view the responses in the Responses page first and then process as needed you should not change the setting in the Users table.

If you want to enable this ‘responses bypass’ do the following.  From the Main Menu page, click Utility Settings, Users, select the record you want, click the pencil to edit, and in the field labeled: “Send Updates Directly to Notes?” change the droplist to YES.

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