Printing Reports, Print Settings

If you want to print a form and it does not print on a single page, a few simple adjustments need to be made. 

  1.  Pull the form up in ReloSpec and go to your tool bar at the top of the page- then press file.  Depending on the version of office that you have, you will do one of the following two things.
    1.  If you press preview and you have a tab that will allow you to change the percentage of your print then you can click on the tab and change the percentage to one that will reduce the print to a single page.  If you have one that says “shrink to fit”, that will automatically adjust it.
    2. If you do not have the tab in the print preview then you should go to page setup under the print option.  Here you can adjust your margins to fit more on a page.  You can go as low at .10 if you need to.

   Once your print options are adjusted they will stay like that for future printing.

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