Action Plans for Multiple Records

Autopilots can be created for a group of referrals.  If you receive a group of referrals and want to wait until they are all entered or imported to set up your autopilots, you can do this through an action plan.

  1.  Set up your action plan to include any autopilots you want to send out, or any ticklers you want for those records.
  2. Use the search feature to search out the group of records you want to add the action plan to.  You can search by date or date range, by referral type or any other common field that those records possess.
  3. Once the search is completed, click on the todo’s and go to your action plans.
  4. Pick the action plan that you want to use for those records that were searched and scroll down to the second “add now” button and click it.
  5. This will add that action plan that you have chosen to all of the records that were in the search group.

There are webinars given about twice a month about action plans and how to create them.  The list of webinars are located on the Main Menu.

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