New ‘Show Agents’ Link

There is a cool new link called ‘Show Agents’ on the Referrals List page. This new link is located next to the Client Email field and when clicked will display the Office(s) associated with that zip code and the agents in the office. Just like the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link it allows you to select the agent, click the button and the agent’s information is instantly inserted into the record.  This is a perfect, time-saving link to find the correct agent for this client/transferee!

So, how does this magic work?  In the Offices page there is a new field labeled ‘Areas Served (Zip Codes)’.  In this field you’ll enter all the zip codes serviced by this office.  They may be separated by a space or comma or whatever.  Then, when you click the new link in the Referrals List page, ReloSpec will instantly find which Office has that particular zip code and display it for you.

Once the Office is known, ReloSpec also displays which agents are assigned to that office.  Using the ‘Agent Info’ field in the Agents table you can identify which agents are certain “teams” as designated by you.  For example, let’s say you have a few agents who are on your “A-Team”.  You could enter “A-Team” in the ‘Agent Info’ field so that when the new pop-up appears you could SEARCH for “A-Team” and get members of that team in that office.  Agents may be members of multiple Teams such as “A-Team”, “Relo” or “REO” for example and the SEARCH will still work.

If you would like to see the 4-minute Training Video for the new ‘Show Agents’ link click here.

One Response to “New ‘Show Agents’ Link”

  1. Jean Sackin Says:

    This is a handy feature, but we already have our look up feature established by Agent ZIP codes, not Offices. Might the same type of search be available by Agent.instead of Office – if not now, some time in the not too distant future? It appears that it will be a great time saver.

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