New fields in the Offices table; Better handling of Alternate Agents

Two new announcements are being made today. There are additional fields added to the Offices table, and there is now a more specific handling available for Alternate Agents.

First, the Offices table.  Now you’re able to store Names and Email Addresses for the following individuals in each Office:

  • Loan Manager
  • Loan Officer 1
  • Loan Officer 2
  • Insurance Contact
  • Settlement Officer

After entering the values for each of those people you may use Action Plan Items, or new buttons in the ToDo page to send emails to any or all of the new individuals in the table.

To view a 4-minute video on the Offices table, click here.


Second, the Alternate Agents table has changed.  In the past, you would enter the Alternate Agent(s) in the table and then using either the ToDo page button (“Alt Agents”) or the button in the Action Plans you could send emails to all the Alt Agents.  The problem was that there was no way to identify the Alt Agents individually if you wanted something to go to one and not the others.

Now you are able to assign “Alt Agt 1”, “Alt Agt 2” or “Alt Agt 3” to up to 3 Alternate Agents, then identify them individually in the ToDo or Action Plan Items page.  All Alternate Agents are still stored in the Alternate Agents table.  It’s just that now you may specific to which one you want to send emails/updates/forms.

To view a 10-minute Training Video on the Alternate Agents page, click here.

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