NEW! Delete Multiple Images

The Images option provides a great way to upload and store scanned images, documents and other items with specific Referrals table records.  There are currently two choices with the Images option; Standard and Large Images.  And with the Images option there is an upper limit to the total space available.

Now, to conserve available space there is an easy way to delete multiple images that are no longer needed.  From the Main Menu page, click Utility Settings, then click the link ‘Delete Multiple Images’.  The page opens and allows you to SEARCH for Referrals table records that have images attached to them.  Select the record, and click the scissors (“cut”) next to each image you want to delete.  Clicking the scissors will immediately delete the image without asking for confirmation.  NOTE: There is no un-delete with using the scissors.

Thinking of ‘Going Green’?  For a limited time you can add the Images option and begin going paperless!  Once uploaded, images are available from anywhere on the Internet and may be stored, printed or emailed as needed.  Contact for more information.

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