Need to Update your Report Generator?

To update your Report Generator software to a new version, you must first know which version of Microsoft Access your Report Generator uses. The two possible versions of Microsoft Access are: 1) Access97, (for users that do not have Microsoft Access on their computer) 2)Access2000 or higher for those that have Microsoft Access 2000 or higher already installed on their computers.  To determine which version you are using, start Report Generator and look at the Main Menu page. The Microsoft Access version will be listed on the page.  

Once you know when version of MS Access you are using, do the following:

1. From the Main Menu of Relocation Specialist Web Version click UTILITY SETTINGS. The Utility Settings page will open.
2. From the Utility Settings page, click ‘Report Generator’. The Report Generator page will open.
3. Click the Report Generator link. The Report Generator  page will appear.
4. Click the Install and Update Software link.

 5. Click the link labeled ‘Report Generator (for use with MS Access97)’ if you are using MS Access97 or you have installed the Access Run-time version. Click ‘Report Generator for use with MS Access2000 or later’ if you are using MS Access2000 or later. The File Download box will appear.
6. Click SAVE, then save the file to ‘C:\Program Files\ReloSpec’ on your local hard drive. You will be replacing the file of the same name.
7. Close the Report Generator page. You will be returned to the Utility Settings page.

NOTE:  With Report Generator v7.0 or higher you will NO LONGER USE ‘Roster’ or ‘Roster 2’ to filter the records.  Instead you will be using ‘Report Generator’ or ‘Report Generator 2’.  All other steps are the same.  (This is so that those who have not upgraded to the new version can continue using ‘Roster’ with the old version until they upgrade.  Though ‘Roster’ and ‘Report Generator’ look and act the same, there are more fields in the ‘Report Generator’ report that are used by the new version 7.0 or higher.)

3 Responses to “Need to Update your Report Generator?”

  1. Dawn Says:

    The new file (rptgen72k.mdg) I downloaded doesn’t have the same name as the old one (rptgen2k.mdb). Should I delete the old file?

  2. Wiatrowe elektrownie Says:

    Well raised the issue – thanks.

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