Updated DOWNLOAD and Custom Financial Report

Over the last few weeks we have been responding to requests to make it easier to filter records used when using the DOWNLOAD button and when using the ‘Custom Financial Report’.

Want to get a fast, simple report?  Perhaps you want to drop the records you find into an Excel spreadsheet?  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. You always start with using the SEARCH button in the Client List page to filter the records.
  2. Click the DOWNLOAD button to open the field selection page where you can select which fields you want included.
  3. Click the DOWNLOAD button on the field selection page to insert the results into a spreadsheet.

If you were to start with clicking REPORTS, and select the ‘Custom Financial Report’ the process is the same.  Opening the report will take you to the field selection page.  If you have already used the SEARCH button in the Client List page to select the records, you’re set to DOWNLOAD.  If not, just return to the Client List page and follow the 3 easy steps shown above.

You may think of the DOWNLOAD button on the Client List page as a shortcut to the ‘Custom Financial Report’ since they now work the same way.

In addition, we have expanded the number of date fields used in the SEARCH page and included ‘Range’ links that allow you to use a pop-up calendar to select your Begin and End dates.  Here is what it now looks like:

All the date fields are located in the upper-right of the page.

The Field Selection page now includes Search results at the top (number of records found), updated instructions for saving the field list selected and the ability to generate the report that may be downloaded.

After searching for the records and selecting the fields, click DOWNLOAD on the Field Selection page to view the results:

Notice that this page will display just the first 25 of however many records were selected.  This is so we can display a sample report rapidly.  When you click the DOWNLOAD button to put the records into a spreadsheet, ALL the records will be included.



New ReloSpec version starts Monday

As was announced in the previous blog this week, the new Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) version will be in production on Monday, July 2nd.  This new version is easier to use, a little better looking and the ADD NEW page will save lots of time when entering new referrals.

If you want a quick orientation to the new Client List page a 10-minute video is now available.  Click here to view the video.

Be sure to review the previous blog and the section on ‘Getting Ready for the new ReloSpec version’.  There are simple instructions there that will be important for using the new version, especially the importance of allowing pop-ups.

Thanks to all who helped with suggestions and encouragement.  We’re very excited to show off this latest version.

ReloSpec upgrade coming in July

Over the past few months, and with the help of those serving on the Customer Advisory Boards we have completed a significant upgrade for the ReloSpec software and plan to release the new version the week of July 2nd.  This upgraded Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) version involves the Client List page as well as Action Plans, AutoPilot and other features.

Beginning next week, when you login you’ll be taken to the new Client List page.  This upgraded page is cleaner, better organized and easier to use.  Most of the features you have been using with the ‘Classic’ version are still available and, many features such as SEARCH and EDIT (pencil) work the same.

This new version is what is currently known as the ‘Mobile’ mode version.  Those using the mobile version on their phones have found it much easier to use and suggested it be expanded to the desktop version.  After reviewing with many current ReloSpec users we have completed the upgrades and are introducing the mobile version as the upgrade with expanded capabilities.

Included with the new version is an enhanced ADD NEW page that includes a droplist to select the Action Plan (collection of predetermined Tasks) to be run.  The Tasks are scheduled and any AutoPilots due to go out right away are automatically sent.  Just fill-in the form with what you know, select the Action Plan and SUBMIT.  The rest is done for you!

To have the automatic Action Plans feature enabled, be sure #3 in the ‘Getting Ready’ section below has been completed.

For a short time, those who want to use the ‘Classic’ version (the one you’re using today) may do so by checking the ‘Classic Display?’ checkbox on the Login page prior to logging in.

For those who want to get a preview or want to begin using the new version, click the ‘Mobile?’ checkbox on the login page prior to clicking LOGIN.

This is one of the most significant changes to ReloSpec in years.  We appreciate all the many suggestions and helps we received from our wonderful ReloSpec friends and associates.

Getting ready for the new ReloSpec version

Checklist to get ready for the new ReloSpec version.

Many of you will already have each of these items in place and there will be nothing to do to get ready.  However, to get the most out of the new version, please take a minute to be sure each of the following items are completed.

  1. Company logo  Your company logo will appear on the Client List page in the upper-left corner.  This logo will be included on outgoing FORMS and should be as square-shaped as possible.  If it is not displayed, return to the Main Menu page, click SETTINGS, then click ‘Upload Logo’ and follow the prompts.
  2. Company name  Your company name should appear in the upper-right of the Client List page.  It is setup in the Users table and is used along with your Email Signature with outgoing emails.  If not displayed, return to the Main Menu page, click SETTINGS, USERS, click the pencil for your name, make the needed changes and click UPDATE CURRENT RECORD.
  3. Allow pop-ups  One of the newer features is the ADD NEW form.  It includes a droplist for selecting the Action Plan you want to use then schedules the Tasks and sends any AutoPilots that are due to go out immediately.  All with one click!  For ReloSpec to schedule and send the AutoPilots your browser must allow pop-ups for ReloSpecCloud.com.  Use the settings feature of your browser to make the change, if needed.
    1. For Chrome, click SETTINGS, Advanced, Content Settings, Popups, Allow, ADD, then enter “www.ReloSpecCloud.com” and click ADD
    2. For IE, click the gear for SETTINGS, click the Privacy tab, in Pop-up Blocker click SETTINGS, in Exceptions enter “www.ReloSpecCloud” and click ADD
  4. Have at least one ‘Referral Source’  When clicking the ADD NEW button to start a new referral, ReloSpec attempts to build the droplist for the Referral Source.  If you don’t already have at least one entered a yellow warning box appears at the top of the page.  To avoid the warning (if it appears) do the following: Return to the Main Menu page, click SETTINGS, click ‘Referral Sources’ and enter “sample” and click ADD NEW RECORD.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to download anything to use the new version?

No.  Since ReloSpec is web-based, just login and you’ll have the latest version.

Can I still use the old (Classic) version?

Yes.  For a limited time the classic version will remain available.  From the Main Menu page click the checkbox for ‘Classic Display?’ and you’ll use the classic version.

Where are the links that were on the left side of the page?

The links have been moved to either the top of the page or are included in the ‘Other Options’ droplist.

Can I edit fields not included in the ADD NEW page?

Yes.  After adding a new record it will appear in the Client List page.  Click the pencil to edit any of the fields.

Are the Notes and Tasks still displayed below the grid?

Yes.  The grid now contains a maximum of 10 records and the Notes and Tasks are still displayed below the grid for the selected record.

What does the ‘Quick’ button do?

Once you have selected a record in the AutoPilot, the Responses or the Tickler page, minimize the page and click the ‘Quick’ button to instantly select the corresponding record.  Say you’re looking at an AutoPilot item and you want to see the Notes for that record.  Click the ‘Quick’ button and view the one record with the Notes displayed below the grid.  Quick and easy!  Click ‘Cancel Quick’ to return to the normal display.

What does the Action Plan droplist do in the ADD NEW page?

By selecting the Action Plan in the droplist, when you click SUBMIT, the Action Plan Items are scheduled and any AutoPilots that are due will be sent.  All with one click.  If you complete the form are not ready to select an Action Plan, click the droplist and select the blank area before clicking SUBMIT.  The record will be saved but no Action Plan will be run.

Can I run an Action Plan on an existing record?

At any time you can select the record in the Client List page, click the ‘Action Plans’ button to open the page, select the one you want and click the button to schedule the Items.

Will there be more upgrades coming?

Yes.  Many new features are planned for ReloSpec.  Menu bars will be added plus the ability to view all details (ie. Notes, Tasks, Closing Info) in accordion style in the Client List page.  Integration with other services such as websites and other software as well as simplified forms and reports are in the planning stages now.



Enhanced Mobile Mode

Many ReloSpec users have used the ‘Mobile’ mode to view/edit records on their phone.  Thanks to suggestions from members of our Customer Advisory Boards we have greatly enhanced the ‘Mobile’ mode which may now be used on your phone or desktop.

The enhanced Mobile mode is the first step towards the ReloSpec ‘face lift’ planned for this page later this year.  The whole idea is to make things simpler and more efficient.  It all begins with the checkbox for ‘Mobile?’ when logging in.  If you access the login page on your phone, ReloSpec will recognize you’re using a phone and will default to ‘Mobile mode’.


Using your desktop when you login, click the checkbox next to ‘Mobile?’ then click the ‘Log In’ button.  After a brief (1 second) delay you will be automatically taken to the Mobile version of the Client List page.  The ‘Mobile’ page contains most of the features of the ‘Classic’ version but is cleaner looking and less confusing to new users.

Features of the Mobile version include:

  • ‘Call to action’ buttons at the top of the page
  • Your company name (branding) at the top-right of the page
  • The most-often used buttons at the top with ‘Other options’ droplist
  • The grid now displays up to 30 records instead of 6
  • The Notes and Tasks are still displayed below the grid
  • Clicking ‘Add New’ will open the newer ‘Express’ form which includes the Action Plan choices in the droplist at the bottom of the page. Using this form will insert the new record, schedule the Action Plan items and send the AutoPilot(s) with just one click!
  • Clicking the ‘Reports’ button will open the newly-formatted Reports page with reports arranged in logical sections. (You may still view the classic list of reports by clicking ‘View all reports’
  • The AutoPilots, Responses and Import buttons display the total number of each. If any of the buttons is > 0 you’ll know to click the button and process the records.

The grid shows the most popular fields, and includes the envelopes by each name allowing you to quickly send an email as needed.

We hope you enjoy using the upgraded Mobile version.  And remember, it’s not just for use on your phone!

Update on ReloSpec Emails

As we stated in the April 5th blog we are in the process of upgrading our ReloSpec email services.  Now that the groundwork is complete we are applying the upgrade to the first set of email pages which include those generated by clicking the envelope icons on the Client List page. This week we’ll begin applying the changes to the popular ReloSpec forms including AutoPilot, AutoUpdate, AutoAssign, Referral Submit and others.

All upgraded emails will include your Company Name which will be inserted in front of the FROM: email address which is notify@relosoftware.com.  That way your recipients will know who it is coming from.  For example, if the email is coming from Susie at ABC Realty the FROM: will have “ABC Realty <notify@relosoftware.com>”.   What will display in the Inbox is just “ABC Realty”.

In ALL cases when the recipient clicks REPLY, the sender’s exact email address will be inserted automatically.  So, even though the FROM: is “ABC Realty <notify@relosoftware.com>”, when the person clicks REPLY: the TO: field will have something like “Susie@ABCRealty.com” -just as it has always worked.

Since we’ll be inserting the Company Name in the FROM: field, some may want to shorten what will appear.  This is not required, but is suggested.  For those customers affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices [My Company Name] this may be especially true.  Changes may be made in the SETTINGS, USERS table.

Remember that you may also add language to the SUBJECT line, such as “Hello from Susie at ABC Realty”.  That may help if you want your email recipients to have additional info.

IMPORTANT: For now, DO NOT include more than one email address at a time in the same field.  You may have one email address in the TO: field and one email address in the CC: field and one in the BCC: field, but for now having more than one in any of the fields will prevent the email from being delivered.  This will change in the next couple weeks, but for now just include one email address in each field.


Improved Delivery of ReloSpec Email

We all know that spam is a fact of life on the internet, and while major email service providers have made enormous strides over the years in identifying those unsolicited messages from your long lost aunt who is stranded on a Pacific island and needs funding to get home, some of those filters can be very aggressive, leading to delivery problems for legitimate e-mail messages.  ReloSpec Cloud is no exception when it comes to the possibility of delivery issues.

One of the ways applications maximize the chance for successful delivery of a message is to make use of what’s called an authenticated domain, where, essentially, the “server is known to match the sender”.  This is an industry best practice, and ReloSpec Cloud now has a way to honor this best practice by partnering with Mailgun, a reputable and well-regarded, enterprise-strength e-mail service.  The authenticated domain we’ll be using is relosoftware.com. 

What does this mean for you?  Really, it’s not that big a deal, but there are a couple things you should be aware of.  Whether you use Outlook, Gmail, or a different mail client, messages coming from ReloSpec Cloud will be coming from notify@relosoftware.com.  It will probably look a bit like what you see here.

What this means is that any rules you have set in your inbox that reference a previous “from” address will no longer be in effect.  You might wish to reset such rules.

Aside from that, nothing changes. When you hit “Reply” to one of these messages, your email client will recognize the “Reply-To” in the incoming message.  This is the address of the person that actually sent you the message.  You can reply as usual be on your way.

The conversion to this new method will begin the week of April 9th and continue through May 1st.  The benefits we can all expect to see: improved rate of delivery, and much more insight into what delivery problems do exist, if any.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns. We will keep you updated!


Announcing Customer Advisory Boards

In the effort to address specific customer needs and build value-added features into the Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) software, we are now forming ‘Customer Advisory Boards’.  Members of each specific board will help identify those features that may be unique to that group, be given an opportunity to beta new features, and review new design options.

We are planning to have these groups separated by affiliation so we can better understand and address your specific needs.  The groups are:   1) Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and Real Living brokers, 2) members of the Cartus broker network, 3) members of LeadingRE, as well as, 4) a general Relocation Director group.   The Boards will meet once a month for about 30-45 minutes over the Internet.  Board members will help determine the best date/time to meet.  The suggested time is 11:00 Central time on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  Representatives from Constellation Web Solutions, the owner of the ReloSpec software, will conduct the first meeting though future meetings may be conducted by board members.

If you would like to volunteer to serve on one of the Customer Advisory Boards, please let us know.  You may CLICK HERE to submit your name and suggested meeting time(s).

We look forward to working with you to bring time-saving solutions to the ReloSpec software.